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Wow, I amaze myself sometimes. I really didn’t know I attained the ability to predict the future – as you may recall in my last post regarding the recently announced Sonic Adventure title for XBLA and PSN, I stated that this could indeed be the beginning of a new trend where we will see re-releases of classic Dreamcast games available for download.

Well, according to SEGA, it has just been announced that Crazy Taxi will be joining the roster, featuring HD quality visuals, online leaderboards, achievements and trophies. The very thought of it brings a tear to my eye.

For those who have yet to play this underrated gem of a game, think of it as a cross between Outrun and GTA and you’re pretty much there. For arcade purists only, the game sees you careering through the streets of a fictional interpretation of California in a taxi cab, with the intention of picking up and dropping off as many passengers as possible within the time limit. It’s relentless, but great fun to play and instantly accessible. The music is pretty damn sweet, too.

Both games will be released for XBLA and PSN only, a tough blow for Wii owners…such as myself. The dates should be officially announced at E3 next week.

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    Given I was the only one to comment on your last post, I think you and I are the only ones excited about this. Dreamcast really is the most underrated console.

  2. It’s a crying shame really! The Dreamcast was such a ground breaking console, so far ahead of its time – the amount of original IP’s on the console is just mind blowing. Sega really pulled out all the stops – Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Samba De Amigo, Space Channel 5…there were so many incredible games and I really hope we get to see them re-released some time soon.

    But yeah, so far we’ve got Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi, the latter taking over my childhood pretty much. Sonic Adventure on the other hand is a bit outdated and I would only play it for nostalgic reasons, however I still think the Sonic levels hold up pretty damn well…just don’t mention Big the Cat…ugh…please…no…

  3. Agreed, the Dreamcast was without a doubt the most undervalued system of all time and yet another victim of SEGA’s miserly marketing strategies. Here’s hoping that a resurrection of the awesome Shenmue will kick-start the interest in a 3rd installment!

  4. The Dreamcast is without a doubt the most underrated console of all time. I remember pre-purchasing it in Grade 6 and having only one friend who did the same thing.

    Nothing will ever beat Shenmue and Trickstyle, but I can’t wait to play Crazy Taxi again. This calls for a verbal celebration…


  5. I have Crazy Taxi for PS2, so I really hope they re-release Crazy Taxi 2 as that was Dreamcast exclusive.

  6. Hopefully it will have the original music (The Offspring is my all time favourite band haha) unlike the PSP version which I think had a completely different track list.

    Sega just aren’t playing fair, there’s no way I can not buy this and Sonic Adventure, It’s wallet rape!

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