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This past week has been quite an experience for gamers everywhere, with E3 bringing tons of games to make your jaw drop or scratch your head in a “WTF?!” moment. quietly unveiled their new sister site this past week and announcements quickly got lost in all the E3 hubbub. works similar to but with a design that is dedicated to indie games. The great thing is that if you already have a account, then you already have an account. The two sites do share their content, but acts as a filter so those who are only interested in seeing the latest news and developments concerning indie games don’t have to worry about those pesky awesome Half Life 2 mods, like Dear Esther and Too Many Crates!

If you’re eager to try out the new website, you can head on over and login with your ModDB account, or make a new account. The site functions exactly like ModDB and some great indie names have already set up shop, including Eufloria, Machinarium, Party of Sin, and several smaller games such as Vizati and Jolly Rover.

I really dig the new look and the ability to follow indie games all in one central location instead of having to hunt around the Internet for information. The only damper is that since the service is so new, lots of indie developers haven’t had the chance to set up profiles and groups for their projects yet.

  1. I’m definitely checking this out!

  2. You can also check out 2 Girls 1 Game over there.. *cough cough*

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