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It’s always good to see healthy competitions that spawn awesome indie games and the Make ‘Em Up competition is no exception. Sponsored by Turborilla and Blue Systems, the contest aims to find the best indie game prototype and award that team with $80,000 in order to make their game a reality.

The kicker here is that you don’t even need to have a finished game to enter. The idea is to find a team with a great idea to bring the game to life. The only requirements are a great prototype and a competent team to take said prototype from design to finish if the idea is chosen.

There are no heavy stipulations as to what kind of game the producers aren’t looking for other than the MMORPG category, but that’s something to be expected in the world of indie.

The Make ‘Em Up website is now open for applications, so if you’ve got a great indie game in mind, go ahead and register and apply for the competition now. You have until August 15th to finish your prototype and from then, both Turborilla and Blue Systems will evaluate the team and the idea to determine the winner.

  1. avatar Garrett

    I played this again today, and it would be relaly nice if each object had its own memory instead of changing one objects memory in the past will wipe out any changes made to a different shuttle of the future. In this way, with some back-and-forth work, you would be able to get all of the shuttles to stay on-screen by the end of the time block! Much more rewarding than just keeping one shuttle on-screen.

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