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Did you play the first Kane & Lynch? I didn’t but I do remember, among other things we’re not going to bring up, the multiplayer being kind of a big deal. IO Interactive and Eidos (now Square Enix Europe) were really pushing the co-operative aspect.

Problem for PC gamers was, well, it kind of didn’t work. The broken multiplayer has led IO Interactive to explore other options and the apparent solution? To use Valve’s popular Steamworks platform.

See, in the PC gaming world things get real. People can tinker around, crawl all through your code and stuff, and come out the other end knowing the game better than it’s own developers sometimes. So for that reason when the PC community has a complaint about how your game works you listen.

IO Interactive isn’t unaware of this fact so when PC gamers all over complained about the lack of functionality in Kane & Lynch’s online multiplayer and blamed it on the unpopular Games for Windows Live platform they listened. In light of this fact PC Gamer is reporting that the sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, will run the more popular and reportedly sturdier platform Steamworks from Valve.

Beyond this news PC Gamer also has a few promising impressions you guys might want to check out. It’s shaping up to be a pretty decent title.

  1. avatar David Amador

    It’s a good move. Steamworks is stable and has tons of great features

  2. Take that Microsoft!!!

  3. avatar Kev

    I hate both GFWL and Steam. Especially Steam, I was very angry when I bought the disc version of Last Remnant and found that I had to use Steam to activate it. I really don’t like the idea of not owning the games I buy as stated in Steam’s EULA. After getting Last Remnant I decided I would never buy another game that used Steam. At least as much as I don’t like GFWL I can create always create an offline account meaning that I’ll always be able to play my games. I won’t be buying this game now that it uses Steam.

  4. avatar ALPHATT


    You are a world class idiot. Are you seriously going to cry after k&l2 when steam dies(approx more than 10 years at the very least) These games will abandonware and gabe newell did say that they tested an unlocking mechanism.

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