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Hints of a sequel of developer Sucker Punch’s Infamous have persisted for good reasons.  The ending of the game was reason enough to believe a sequel would come, and Sony’s registration of speaks for itself.  Finally, Game Informer officially confirmed it.  Infamous 2 is being developed by Sucker Punch for the PlayStation 3.

Game Informer hasn’t released too many details about the game, but old hand Cole McGrath returns, as do his electrical powers.  Infamous 2 will also reportedly take place in a new city and feature a new antagonist.

Source: Gamespot

  1. avatar Bro

    Cole looks awful. That coupled with his new voice actor will probably bug me a little bit throughout the entire experience.

    That said, the reason I loved inFAMOUS was because it was damn fun to play. So, regardless of whatever character design choices they decide to go with, I’ll likely still enjoy myself.

  2. I’m there. inFAMOUS was one of my favorite titles of last year. Cannot wait to get my hands on a sequel.

  3. Awesome! It’s about time Justin Timberlake got his own game!

  4. avatar Tino

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