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Today independent developer Muzzy Lane announced that its World War II turn based grand strategy PC title Making History II has been released in both retail stores as well as digital distribution outlets (Impulse, Gamers Gate, and

Allowing gamers to “experience grand strategy on an epic scale,” Making History II boasts that it’s “More than simply winning battles, MHII is about exercising diplomacy and waging war. Players might choose to invade a neighboring country, use espionage against allies and enemies, or destabilize a government by crippling their economy.”

If the gameplay wasn’t enough of a draw for you, Making History II also features social networking functionality (“personal user pages, a web-enabled messaging system, friend lists, and more”) though it’s website. Muzzy Lane also promises that after its game hosting service launches this summer “MHII players will have access to “leaderboards, multiplayer matchmaking, persistent hosted games, and group management support to the site.”

According to Dave McCool, president and CEO of Muzzy Lane: “We believe Making History II is offering a unique and satisfying experience for strategy fans, with deeper and more interesting gameplay, a devious AI and superior graphics that deliver more information visually. While this release is a major milestone, we want players and fans to know that this is just the beginning of what we have planned for them.  More features and updates delivered automatically, editing tools, and especially the multiplayer service.  Our Gaming Headquarters gives our community a place to gather and communicate with each other and with us.   We’ll respond to their input and continue to improve MHII in the months ahead!”

If you are interested in Making History II note that I am currently playing though it for review. Don’t quote me, but I’ll try and have the review up in a week or so.

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