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GoldenEye was a landmark time in the industry’s history.  For many, it marked the success of the FPS and it certainly was a defining moment for the N64.  Likewise, many of us can recount the days when parties would consist of four friends huddled around a 14 inch TV screen to play one of the four player modes.  Gawd, those were the good ole days.

At this very moment, it just kind of dawned of me that GoldenEye is the best and most successful film to video game crossover we’ve ever seen.  On an unrelated note, according to leaked sources, Activision has decided to flog it til it’s dead remake the game that Rare made so popular. 

The game is supposedly to be updated and “modernized” to feature Daniel Craig.  Taking advantage of today’s technology, it’ll have the classic 4 player split screen and support up to 8 players online.  As well, a golden controller and a gun shell for the wii mote is rumored to be released alongside the release of the game.

According to, “Development duties have been split between UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space.”  Also rumored, the game will be released sometime in November and will be announced at this year’s E3.

Source: GoNintendo,

  1. I think people are going to play this, just like Perfect Dark, and go “Ohhh…it turns out this game ISN’T as good as I remember it being when I was twelve.” I guess we’ll see.

  2. The game was bad for it’s time and it’s even worse today.

    Shooters just don’t age well so I don’t know why they’d remake this expecting a better reception than Perfect Dark got… unless they just completely ripped apart the gameplay and replaced it for something modern, I bet it would be a flop.

  3. Compared to PC shooters, Goldeneye sucked. It was just the best fps available on a console at the time, except for Turok.

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