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After witnessing Ubisoft’s awkward conference, there was little to take away from it.  We were dazzled by Assassin’s Creed, scratched our head at Driver, and were perplexed by the onslaught of other random titles.  But of all the titles, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier easily captured my attention the most of all.

As the next installment into the series, players rely heavily on stealth and cloaking abilities to maneuver between their enemies.  Working together with your teammates, you’ll coordinate precise attacks that take out groups of enemies.

The best part of it all?  It’s four player co-op.  Likewise, Ubisoft did a good job at depicting the stealth missions as well as the intense fire-fights.  At one point, all that stands between the player and a barrage of bullets is a wall.  As the camera pans to the side profile, glass, bullets and debris fly into the screen.

  1. Ghost Recon co-op?? Sounds impossible. And cool.

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