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Avatar ImageGamer Limit Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
By: | June 8th, 2010 | Multi-platform
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Playing 18 holes of golf is an experience unlike any other. Each and every hole can result in a handful of different emotions. Learning from each mistake, keeping your poise, and, most importantly, visualizing and executing are never easy things to accomplish – despite what Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 made you think when teeing off on the 18th hole with 25 under par.

Over the past two years, the Tiger Woods franchise has gone through some of the best game mechanic changes with nothing more than realism and approachability in mind. Precision Putting and Putt Preview in last year’s installment were a welcome change that made one of the most difficult elements of golf a much more manageable experience. This year, we see a drastic step in the right direction with the addition of “focus” and “True-Aim” – two features that do their best to make the upgrade from last year’s Tiger Woods worth it. Whether it is enough is really up to you, and hopefully I’ll make your decision easier below.

One of the largest complaints in previous years was the unrealistic stroke counts that players were able to achieve. If you put in enough time and learned the game’s tendencies, you were undoubtedly going to become a player exponentially better than Tiger himself. In turn, you were either frustrated or unchallenged. Focus and True-Aim are two new features that hope to aid this very problem.

There are unquestionably three game mechanics that make Tiger Woods too easy: power, spin, and Putt Preview. While Putt Preview could only be used once each hole, it came at no cost to the player. Power and spin are two game mechanics, with no limit in use, that were constantly overused and resulted in unrealistic drives and ball placement. With the addition of focus, there is now a limit on the use of all three of these elements as well as a new game mechanic: accuracy. This limit is based entirely around the cost of focus.

When first starting the round, you are given a full bar of focus. Power, spin, accuracy, and Putt Preview each cost focus. Each press of the button that increases power, spin, and accuracy has a cost. Therefore, it is possible to use up your entire bar of focus before you even make it to the green, in which case Putt Preview will be unavailable. However, one can regain a small amount of focus by taking a swing without using any of these mechanics. And in order to keep things more balanced while adding a rewarding element of strategy, focus is not reset after each hole, it is carried throughout the entire round.

Because of this drastic change, there will surely be mixed feelings about the addition of focus. But in all honesty, focus is one of the simplest, most effective additions to any sports game. It sets out to help increase the difficulty and in turn adds a new element of strategy. Knowing Putt Preview costs almost a fifth of your focus, you’ll be asking yourself constantly: “do I use Putt Preview more than once this hole, or perhaps save it for power, accuracy, or spin on the next hole?”. Having a cost-reward element is a surprisingly gratifying experience and one in which I hope to see more of in other sports games in the future.

Focus is not without its faults though. It is undoubtedly at its worst during courses with numerous par 5 holes. Par 5 holes allow players to regain a large amount of their focus without using it until on the green. As a result, Eagle opportunities increase, as using more than one Putt Preview will not have a drastic effect on focus. Pro mode does its best to dilute this situation by making focus cost more as well as decrease the amount of focus regained, however, it is not as large of a difference from Amateur difficulty which is disappointing. Should EA continue to balance this game, it is my sincere hope that they increase the focus cost of Putt Preview across all difficulties.

If focus doesn’t help improve the challenge, True-Aim will. True-Aim puts you in the shoes of the player as you are only given a GPS view of the course instead of the usual “zoom to aim” functionality. Much more analysis of the course, your club, and the weather is required in order to master this gameplay option.

While True-Aim requires a lot of practice to get used to, it not only provides a more authentic round of golf, but is a much more rewarding experience than normal gameplay. However, it is not a gameplay option that many will stick to, but instead one that is visited when the mood strikes. Ultimately, it is a “nice to have” feature for those looking for more of a challenge.

Moreso than other other sports game available on the market, the Tiger Woods franchise has appealed to so many because of its focus on creating your own player and starting a career in the PGA. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 improves upon this by adding experience points (XP). Last year there were four attributes that were leveled based on career gameplay, skills challenges, and the exhaustively repetitive training sessions after each event. This time around, XP is used to level any of the eleven attributes that are split up across four main attributes: Power (Swing Speed, Power Boost), Accuracy (Swing Plane, Balance), Control (Draw, Fade, Touch), and Putting (Green Reading, Swing Plane, Feel, Tempo).

Full control is given over increasing or decreasing each of these attributes which adds yet another element of strategy. As XP is accumulated through free play, career, and skills challenge, your player level increases which then unlocks more items in the Pro Shop. But while XP is a change many have been waiting for, it is disappointing that items in the Pro Shop require either XP or Microsoft points to purchase. I am in complete disagreement that season earnings be nothing more than a measurement of season winnings and see this as a way to arbitrarily increase the amount of playtime required to obtain these items. Seems to me like EA did this to entice players to just take the easy road and spend money on these micro-transactions – something which I am not a fan of.

Between spending XP on attributes and Pro Shop items, the amount of time required to be at the same level as Tiger Woods will take around 20-30 hours of gameplay. A ton of time can be sunk into career mode but the amount of XP gained over the course of a round is a bit too low. Because of this, it may become daunting for some that so much time and effort is required.

For those casual players, these changes may be a lot less accessible than last year. Having so much control over the progress of your player is great for those that consider themselves hardcore sports gamers, but not so much for others. Then again, the Wii version or even the use of Playstation Move may be more than enough for those casual players out there to forgive the changes to career mode.

Should your love of Tiger Woods lie outside of career mode, the newly added Ryder Cup will be, well, an experience. Ryder Cup consists of five different matches as Europe and United States tee off against each other. Because each match can take up to 30 minutes, the progress of the Ryder Cup can be saved for later, which is a very nice touch. This is an absolute necessity as the entire event can take up to three hours to complete.

Through each match you are able to switch between various players after each hole, thus allowing you to pick up some of the slack. But this slack is the biggest problem with the Ryder Cup mode. When playing single-player, it becomes extremely frustrating when you realize how reliant you are on the AI. The at times questionable approaches and poor putting in clutch situations by the AI is enough to make you feel like you are simply along for the ride. Therefore it is best to play the Ryder Cup with a group of friends in local multiplayer.

As many Tiger Woods fans know though, it is much more fun with friends (as most things are). Online multiplayer is unchanged outside of the new addition of 12 versus 12 team play. This mode was added in order to reflect the implementation of the Ryder Cup and is a fantastic addition to an already very well fleshed out online multiplayer experience, filled with a plethora of game modes.

While it is great to see online mode get new additions, it is extremely unsettling to see that Gamernet hasn’t been fleshed out more. Being able to challenge other players’ best strokes, drives, holes, or rounds both online and in single-player is an extremely addictive feature. But when Gamernet points have no real worth outside of leaderboards, an opportunity is really lost. The constant awards and unlocks in games like Modern Warfare 2 and Blur would be perfect when coupled with Gamernet, and is hopefully something that the developers have in mind for the future.

Taking risks in annual sports games are an absolute necessity. EA took some risks in this year’s installment of Tiger Woods and they were both hit and miss. For the casual player, Amateur and Pro modes are finally a balanced, challenging, enjoyable experience due to the additions of focus and True-Aim. But for those hardcore players, the addition of focus may not be the change you are looking for. Instead, True-Aim and the addition of XP in career mode may be the biggest sources of appeal. Either way, EA has provided enough game mechanic changes and new features to resolve last year’s issues while still tending to both the casual and hardcore – which is what any sports gamer asks for year in, year out.

Rating Category
8.0 Presentation
While recreation of the courses, including the three new courses (Whistling Straights, Greenbrier and Liberty National), are great, the graphics really haven't evolved much since last year.
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8.5 Gameplay
The addition of focus and True-Aim are enough to appease those that complained about the lack of difficulty in the past. However, Focus is not without its faults and True-Aim isn't for everyone.
7.0 Sound
Voice overs are just as dry as last year and crowd chatter is still extremely limited. Additionally, somehow (thinking it wasn't possible), the music selection is worse than last year.
9.0 Longevity
There's easily enough content here to sink 50+ hours into. However, Ryder Cup is a mode that will most likely only be enjoyed a handful of times and grinding for XP will certainly start to become a draining experience.
8.0 Overall
The additions of force and True-Aim are a great solution to the lack of difficulty in previous years and manage to improve realism. For casual players, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 improves upon enough to provide a challenging, enjoyable experience. However, for hardcore players, the appeal of the new game mechanic changes and game modes may vary.

  1. Great, thorough review. It’s nice to see an opinion with a lot of meat on it’s bones, considering it’s a tough choice to decide whether or not to drop $60 on a sports iteration year after year.

    I REALLY like how True-Aim sounds.

  2. avatar Rob

    Thanks for the great and thorough review. I’m on the fence on this one and appreciate the good review. Most of the early “reviews” on this game have seemed more like first impressions. I haven’t played Tiger since the 09 version. One thing that always turned me off was the ease of the game when playing with a maxed out golfer and all the power-ups. It sounds like they have toned that down a bit. Even Tiger himself is capable of a bad round, so I appreciate a challenge even with a golfer that has high stats. I’ll be keeping a close eye on some other impressions on this one, but I’m leaning towards picking it up.

  3. These changes sound right up my alley, I’ll definitely be renting, probably buying.

  4. avatar Career mode?

    Man there’s no real career mode where you start with your golfer playing on the weekends and with friends trying to make Q school and the amateur tour and finally the pga tour you just start out as a pro and you can play a few seasons. That’s the main reason I bought this. I don;t just want to play a season or two for nothing. Very dissapointed.

    • Yea. It definitely differs from other EA Sports games in that regard. I like it the way it is myself. However, I would very much like to see career mode be taken online in the future. Sort of like Madden online franchise works would be nice.

      Start your career and join an online league of up to 24 players or something. One round tournaments that are played each week and the amount of extra XP you earn is based on where you finished in the tournament. You can use this created player online and offline. Offline play would allow you to earn more XP and level up so you improve your game for online tournaments (sort of how pros would practice outside of tournaments). A lot of potential in something like that I think.

    • avatar Leen

      The front of it is really cute when you put it on but the back has some preombls. When you zip it up doesn’t stay flat on you back it’s roles up like bacon or something. The zipper is just to long for the outfit. I’m disappointed for sure!

  5. avatar A.W.

    quick question… its not clear if you are playing the xbox or ps3 version, but is it true that the ps3 version will be compatable with the move?

    also as a person who owns both a ps3 and a wii (and with a golf fanatic for a boss who also owns both), i would very much appreciate some kind of comparison when the move finally comes out.

    • I played the 360 version but can confirm there is no difference in gameplay/content between the two that would in any way effect the two having different scores.

      Tiger Woods 11 will in fact be compatible with the PS3 when the Move is released. I hope to have a short review of the Wii version this week and I will also be covering Tiger Woods 11 with Move support during E3 next week so keep your eye out for that. Once Move is released I will be doing a full review of Tiger Woods 11 with the Playstation Move.

      Hope that helps!

  6. avatar james roberts

    hey i just bought tiger woods 2011 and im wondering how or if i can play multipalyer and still gain xp points?

    • I am honestly not sure about local multiplayer but I know online multiplayer you are not able to gain XP. I know for a fact that free play (single player – I can check on multiplayer tonight), online tournaments, and career modes you do gain XP with your created player.

    • Local multiplayer you do gain XP

  7. avatar Kevin

    Hey Kevin that online idea would be very nice. I can just imagine the posibilities, the bragging rights, the trash talk lol in a gentlemens way ofcourse. At the end of the season see who would be on top of the money list. Oh man you could actually have a full season online if the football games can do it I dont see why they wouldn’t here. However don’t make the mistake that games like the show make in only creating a users only league. Make it as if it was an offline career with all the bells and whistles and competing against other pga golfers even if you don’t actually see them, You know so if feel more authentic.

    • Yea. It definitely has potential. These single tournaments they have online, while fun, are not as rewarding as one would hope. Sure I get XP for my created player, but it doesn’t feel as competitive as I would like.

  8. avatar Chris

    Hot Shots Golf out of bounds is easily still the best golf game for the ps3, online is incredible.

  9. avatar Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 cheats

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  10. avatar Local, Multiplayer, with Two Gamers?


    great review! Unfortunately I have run into an issue with TW PGA Tour 11 which is a bit unsettling: in all previous versions of the game, my wife and I were both able to level up/work on our own unique golfers – playing at our own times – but then load them to play together against AI opponents. Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this work in this iteration on the Xbox 360. Am I missing something, or is this a feature the devs removed with this release, do you know? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

    • I can assure you that this can be done :)

      To do so, from the main menu go to My Tiger ’11, then go to Manage My Golfers. From there, you should see one of your created golfers (either yours or your wife’s). In an open slot, click A (or X if on PS3) and choose to load a golfer. If the golfer is under a different gamertag, be sure that the controller is logged in under that gamertag. When load is chosen you should see the golfer you want. Select that to load it. Now in the list of slots you should see both your golfer and your wife’s golfer.

      Now you can go to free play and choose your golfers. Click player 1 and hit left direction pad and you should see both created golfers. Once player 1 is selected choose the other created golfer for player 2. And now player 3 and 4 you can make AI opponents.

      Hope that helps! Any issues please let me know.

  11. avatar Local, Multiplayer, with Two Gamers?

    Kevin, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, these are the EXACT steps I have followed and it does NOT work :-(

    I have tried:
    Using my profile as the default logged in; then going to Manage My Golfers; I see my character in Slot 1; I move to the next open slot (Slot 2); I click A to select that Slot to load a golfer; in the list that comes up I ONLY see MY golfer.

    I have tried this with her Xbox Live account/character logged in and loaded from the dashboard and also with her character being the default then trying to load mine. In both cases, when I get to the Load step, neither one of us can see the others characters in order to load them :-(

    I am truly bummed by this…

    Any further suggestions?

    • So what you will need to do in this case is have both gamertags logged in under each controller. With player 1 logged in correct gamertag with golfer in slot 1, turn on controller two, and log in to the other gamertag as controller two (hit xbox button and select sign in and select gamertag). Once that is done, as controller two go to slot 2 and select load and you should see the other created golfer.

      Any issues please let me know. I have personally tried every combination I could think of for you last night so I am confident you’ll get this working :)

  12. avatar Local, Multiplayer, with Two Gamers?


    thank you for all of your help in trying to resolve this issue. You’re never going to believe it, but here’s the breakdown: Whenever I tried to log in the 2nd player it would never give me control within the game and it had me utterly perplexed as to why. The solution was actually pretty stupid: *after* logging the second person/controller in, I had to go all the way back to the TITLE screen and go into Manage My Golfers from there, rather than from within the ‘My Tiger ’11”>Manage My Golfers section.

    Once I did this, I was able to load multiple gamer profiles and get it all working. But ONLY from the title screen first.

    Thanks again for all of your help :-) You’ve definitley gained a reader!

  13. avatar Anonymous

    hey kevin do you know how i can change my created golfer to a lefty i cannot find this option at all int the tiger 11 game

    • I believe you can only make changes to characteristics such as this when the golfer is created. If the golfer was already created I do not believe there is a way to change it.

    • avatar Lewk Skywalker

      I have a theory but havent tried it out yet as i prefer right handed play… Try buying a left handed glove?? i might be wrong but its worth a try bud. Post if it works please to spread the joy around

  14. avatar Tyson

    quick question…i can not level up my golfer’s attributes any more. I started to notice that when i got my golfer’s attributes up high that it would only let me go to a certain percent. just wanted to know if u can get them to a 100% or is the only way to get it higher to purchase better clubs, shafts, etc… thanks

  15. avatar Sam

    Hi – can i please check. My housemate and i are both trying to play online as a team, is 2 player online from the same ps3 possible as we can’t manage to do this unfortunately?

    • 2 player online is not possible from the same PS3. If you would like to play as a team though (offline) I recommend playing the Ryder Cup mode which is a lot of fun with a friend.

  16. avatar level up

    i am a level 10 and i got no reward and still cannot get all my attributes to 100? any advice?

    • Sorry, the game does not let you max your attributes to 100%.

    • avatar Lewk Skywalker

      you need to buy the top stat equipment from the shop and toggle with the attributes when you have equipped them!. you may get some of the attributes to 100% but not all of them. Its up to you to choose what stats you want at 100% If your a long hitter then put the power to 100% and have ball spin on 80-90%, good at accuracy then have the Draw/Fade at a lover stat to get the accuracy stat to 100% and so forth until you have the stat lineup that suits your style. I have all my attributes to 80% and i havent used any pro shop items to max them you… Oh and have fun while configuring your golfer.

    • avatar Anonymous

      How many XP points do you need to get to level 10? Thanks in advance

  17. avatar Justmerogers

    ? I bought a maxed out glove and I can no longer use my focus. Why?

  18. avatar Lewk Skywalker

    Noce to hear EA listen to their gamers and make a game a little “Tougher” than previous releases. Maybe they should do the same with all their games? Make them tougher as they all seem to be a little too easy to get through, anyhoo tiger 05 is still the best of the franchise so far.

    • avatar Fabiano

      The front of it is really cute when you put it on but the back has some prmeobls. When you zip it up doesn’t stay flat on you back it’s roles up like bacon or something. The zipper is just to long for the outfit. I’m disappointed for sure!

    • avatar Zarmina

      Costume is super cute and sexy on. The dress is fitted and cbotmrfaole on. Quality of the material is the usual you’d expect to get from Leg Avenue brand costumes. Overall this is a great buy.

  19. avatar mike

    hey i just got the game and i am trying to play a single match on multiplayer but i cannot have the two created golfers playing for some reason my controller states that i am player 1 and my friend is player 2 but on the play now screen we are both player 2 and i want to play with my guy and he wants to play with his and we have 2 controllers it makes no sense at all please help

  20. avatar Anonymous

    I’m really struggling to play my brother online on tiger woods 2011, we can find each other and I invite him to play and he excepts but then were never on the same match???? Any suggestions ???

    • avatar Nathan

      having same problem, someone help

    • avatar C Murphy

      i have exact same problem, i join his game and wait a few seconds(15-20) and then ‘this game has expired’ comes up, please someone help as this has us both confused

  21. avatar fatpotatoes

    yes choose a lobby to meet in ie begginers1 .

    can any one explain the points system online please. i won a game of bestball get 5 pts win another and get 65 ……no way of seeing ops stats or points…..this game has lost its hardcore fans…..another mess up EA….thats mine and every friend (40) i have on my friends lists say on the matter…total rubbish….ive been playing this title since ps2…

  22. avatar fatpotatoes

    if EA listen to there fans ….stop ripping us off with under rated over priced DLC.. you know you are so stop please.

  23. avatar fatpotatoes

    also i won a game only to get loss and dnf bullsht

  24. avatar liam

    can u please tell me how i buy things like new clubs and clothes. i just cant seem to win any $$$. how do i earn this?

  25. avatar fatpotatoes

    still no answers about online points system.

    • avatar Marina

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  26. avatar wild4racin

    Are there any other courses to play in target to target mode? If so how do I unlock them.I have tried everything.

  27. avatar fat potatoes

    online points update , it also seems you get losses for wins , points but a loss for a tie ,dnf for a win , i know what your gonna say ,these are points taken from previous games but i didnt lose a game in 2 days.
    another problem your sitting in lobby with a game set the the game restarts EA SPORTS like seems EA have made a great challenging game of golf totally random , also why wont my multiplayer aces register on my stats ive got 15 but stats say 0.
    i really hope john daley golf stuffs tiger ,EA deserve it.just my opinion but it would be nice if they admitted there was problems , rather than heaping the responsibility on to mods.

  28. avatar Singles Matches Ryder Cup

    Have done both sets of foursome and fourball matches on my xbox but will not let me pick the singles mode, any idea why ??

    • avatar Lucia

      Surprisingly iannmilltiug numerous thanks, It looks like your current visitors might possibly want way more well written articles like this carry on the excellent content.

  29. avatar Anonymous

    dose any body know how or where u spend the money u win after every game

  30. avatar Anonymous

    prize money not xp

  31. avatar Scotty

    Is it possible to play 2 player career mode for Xbox 360? Multiplayer is very messed up in this game. I finally just figured out how to “play now” with 2 players but now we would like to play a two player season together. Thanks

  32. avatar Anonymous

    All in all which is better, 10 or 11??

    • avatar Serhat

      evening that he would no longer coach Woods. There had been sucpelation during The Players ChampHank Haney Resigns Hank Haney has resigned as Tiger Woods’ swing coach. Haney told the Golf Channel’s Jim Gray late

    • avatar Kazimiras

      The front of it is really cute when you put it on but the back has some pbrmleos. When you zip it up doesn’t stay flat on you back it’s roles up like bacon or something. The zipper is just to long for the outfit. I’m disappointed for sure!

  33. avatar Restart a Season

    Do you have any idea how to restart a season? The only way I can find is to delete your file and start over. The reason I ask is because of a glitch that occured. I was playing a Gamernet Challenge and when I started the challenge my guy was turned into a sillouette with blue arms. When checking my Event calendar afterwords, everything was reset to January with 4 rounds for tournament play. Plus, my completed Skills Challenge was reset to the beginning. I have since fixed my sillouette appearance in the My Golfer settings but I cannot find a way to restart the season so that I can get 2 rounds instead of 4. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  34. avatar strider

    kk my friend just got to lvl 10 but we cant figure out what or where the thing is u unlock that the message talks about we went thru every item in the pro shop and couldnt find it

  35. avatar Mouth23

    I just got to level 10 to, and it said I unlocked something, but cant find anything, plz let us know!!

  36. avatar Caesar44

    how can you use two gloves?

  37. avatar chris A

    I bought 10 and was disapointed the was no 2 player career mode offline. EA have really let me down, me and my friend love the fact we could do a career together. I won’t be buying 11 or anymore until they restore this facility.Shame because i love the game otherwise :(

  38. avatar Connor

    I got to level 10 on Pga tour 11 and it said unlocked something but I can’t find it :/

  39. avatar its the tw 2011 dev team says it is in the pro shop but i cant find it either anyone have any answers


  40. avatar Tim

    when you get to lvl 10 it says you have unlocked the tw 2011 dev team and that it can be found in the pro shop anyone know what this is and where i cant find it

  41. avatar Nathan

    How can you play against a mate online on ps3 it won’t let me

    • avatar C Murphy

      me too its a joke, tried it all lobbies, matchmaking, ranked, unranked nothing works. Is there anyone anywhere who can help.

  42. avatar Gamernet Points

    Something seems incredibly suspicous about the leaders on the Gamernet Points leader board. How in the world can you total over a million Gamernet Points so quickly after the release of the game? There are some people over 2 million and the leader is over 4 million. I’ve been playing since the game came out and only have a little over 70,000 pts. Is there a cheat for this?

  43. avatar Harbontz

    When playing rounds in my season with my created character, at the beginning of each hole I almost always see that the long drive record for any hole is typically between 450-500 yards. What kind of garbage is this? The game review above speaks volumes about how much this game has increased the realism and difficulty of the game from Tiger ’10. Show me any PGA player that has ever hit drives anywhere near that long. The Gamernet challenges show holes in one on par 5′s that are over 550 yards??? Complete garbage. Also, the online menu is complete garbage. In Tiger ’09 you could see your opponents complete stats, you could kick people out if you were waiting on a friend. Now you can’t do anything. Incredibly dissapointing.

  44. avatar Harbontz

    I also completely agree with the assertion that money hungry EA is always looking to rob you of your money. You can play an entire season of your career averaging scores of 55-65/round and only earn 1000-1500 XP/round. Very low numbers considering that at that rate you would need to play upwards of 20 rounds of golf just to be able to purchase a level 8 item costing 25000XP. Probably why only 2 weeks after buying the game the day it came out, I was competing against guys on live that had clearly bought their custom pro shop items using Microsoft points and not XP. I’ve had Tiger ’03,’05,’06,’09,’10, and now ’11 and each game has had great features which EA has been so quick to drop the very next year. ’09 had the fantastic feature in season mode of having to keep up your stats with great play (should have been online too), but then it was dumped the next year. All in all, as a Vancouverite, I’m ashamed to share my city with bloody EA and their bullish, monopoly and money hungry tactics of putting out a game every year with only moderate changes (the music has sucked for 2 years straight now!). Go F*ck yourself EA.

  45. avatar AddictedToGolf

    Is there a way to unlock courses without having to buy them? I’ve had the game for 3 weeks now and I’m getting tired of the same courses over and over.

    • avatar Hakan

      Some people need to get a life and stop fiosucng on Tigers so much. People are all to quick to judge the wrongs and forget all the good things like all the charities he’s helped over the years. As far as golf is concerned he’s the best that’s ever lived and his private life has nothing to do with you or I.

  46. avatar golf

    id like to see being able to play a 4 round tournament with a friend online added to next years game

  47. avatar Anonymous

    Can I restart a season?

    • avatar RE: Anonymous

      You cannot restart a season. Once you play through the season, it will allow you to change settings for next season.

  48. avatar eltorro555

    Those drives over 500 yards..How can anyone play cheating in some fashion..Do we want a mickey mouse gameor something that represents reality..All you cheaters can shove it..

  49. avatar Coldst33l

    Hey I’m trying to play online with my dad but everyone I send him a inv he accepts it but it doesn’t bring him to my game? How do u play with friends online? Please help

  50. avatar Kate

    I am supposed to be finding a way to have the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 set up at a trade show. They want the people to be able to hit one ball from at the start of a Par 3 (or Par 4) hole and then reset the exact same hole for the next person. (The person who gets the closest at the end of each day will win an Apple IPad.) Except, I have tried for HOURS and can not figure out how to do this! The game system that we have for work is a Wii (I have never been a big game person, but I have been trying for hours and hours to find the right button to push in the right game mode, and I keep coming up with nothing. I know I can reset it with the regular Wii Sports Golf, but it is just not the same as the PGA Tour!) HELP Please! E-mail me at

  51. avatar Anonymous

    How can i load a friends profile off a USB from his ps3 onto my ps3 for tiger 2011 ? it only says that a file of this names exists and only offers to overwrite, we didnt have this problem for 2010, any answers anyone ?

  52. avatar Anonymous

    how do i play TARGET golf? i can’t find that option on ps3.

    • avatar Priyanka

      The front of it is really cute when you put it on but the back has some prmloebs. When you zip it up doesn’t stay flat on you back it’s roles up like bacon or something. The zipper is just to long for the outfit. I’m disappointed for sure!

    • avatar Shreya

      AAyles wrote an interesting post today. Here’s a quick excreptTiger Woods – PGA Championship Favorite? There’s no point piling on Tiger Woods at this point. Pretty much every writer is spewing the same thing: Tiger might actually be done. Case in point. Check out the Jason Sobel Weekly 18 on

  53. avatar Jay Mayne

    I just openend my copy of Tiger Woods and when I try to redeem my code for online play, it tells my there is 5 PS3′s already activated? I just opened the game?!?!

  54. avatar DWN

    I read the previous posts (kevin 6/23) on getting two players ofline to work on PS3 but I am still confused. I can get both controllers to activate but they both only show the user from sign-on. Can you make it idiot proof by which screens,sequencing actions by which buttons and what actions after the 1st user is in the game.

  55. avatar Anonymous

    my play now has stopped working… i click on it and the game just freezes. Can anyone help ???

  56. avatar Matt

    I have lost the commentary and do not know how to reinstate it? I can hear the prehole commentary but as soon as I play the hole there is no commentary from the commentators nor crowd participation. How do I get these back?

  57. avatar mark

    Kevin hi how can i get my skill level up am on 1 at the moo.i play online alot tourney.can u help

  58. avatar Anonymous

    After puttin on a second character and saving how do you stop the character which is not default being deleted. When you turn the ps3 back on

  59. avatar Anonymous

    How do you level up online.I’m stuck at 1 but win alot.

  60. avatar Pender1985


    Could you help me with one thing on Tiger Woods 11. My self and my 2 house mates have been trying to play the pga tour on the same ps3 (not online) with our 3 created golfers at the same time, we cannot seem to do this and it seems like we have to play with each golfer separatly which is pretty frustrating. Could you please tell me if it is possible to do this and if so how do i go about doing it?

    Thank you

    • avatar Sajid

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    hey is there a way that we can play 2 player pga tour, i got the game for christmas and im trying to play with my created player and my dad also wants to play with his created player is there a way to do that on 360

  62. avatar Tim

    I’m a level 3 who tied a level 24 last night and lost 50 pts. Wtf?

  63. avatar C Murphy

    kevin….please help after reading all the comments on this forum, and there is a few questions asking why people can’t play their friends online, I too have the same problem. After buying the game for Xmas, my brother played it, and since has bought the game also, for the one reason, to play against each other online. But to our dissappointment we are unable to do this. We’ve tried all the possible ways(‘play a friend’ ‘lobbies>beginner1 etc’) Nothing seems to work
    Can you or anyone else please give any advice.

  64. avatar anonymous

    i am trying to connect my ps3 move with tiger woods pga tour 11 but it wont let me and i have seen that other people are having this issue and i would like to know how i get the move on it thanks

  65. avatar Anonymous

    Tiger Woods 2011 PS3. Trying to add more XP to my skills and it will not allow me. Its stopped around 75% any ideas or answers will be appreciated

    • avatar Claude23

      You have to buy items from the pro shop. That is what the “Pro Shop Boost” is. You can’t make any of them 100% though; however, pro shop items will get them in the 90s.

  66. avatar Anonymous

    How do I unlock attributes I have purchased in the PS Store?


  67. avatar Anonymous

    How do you turn Auto-aim off?

  68. avatar Tim

    Hey, I’m trying to play the first game of the season, it is showing that it is unlocked and “has not been played” but will not allow me to start?


  69. avatar jason

    i am at max for all skill components, but none of them are 100%. i thought achieving the next skill level would allow me to continue upgrading my skills but they are still locked. how do i unlock lock the skill components?

  70. avatar can someone explain the dev team option

    when u get to lvl 10 it says something about getting a dev team in the pro shop…what is that

  71. avatar fredrik

    can I buy things in the pro shop wiht money I earn on the pga tour and not xp?

  72. avatar Teppo51

    I don’t play a lot. I actually have the 2010 version… and I’m only starting now to attempt tp play online against the pros… Why can’t I?? It says there are no tourneys avaiable. Do I need a new version, or be a better golfer or ?

  73. avatar Teppo51

    never mind, I was talking about the Wii verioin, just realized I’m in the wrong blog

  74. avatar cliffj8

    Since my attributes will not go up anymore, what do I do with all the XP points I have. What determines when the game stops your attribute advancement?

  75. avatar I can't start another season and I'm at level 8, do I need to start my career all over?


  76. avatar Tori

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    • avatar Alex

      Jack Nicklaus is the All-Time King of Golf. Tiger almost cagnlelhed him awhile but injuries and more importantly- Tiger’s loss of confidence and concentration during his bizzare multiple marital infidelities and family break up locked him oit of challenging the Gentleman King. Rory McElroy has assumed the role of Knight of the realm, keeping Tiger at Bay. Long Live King jack!

  78. avatar can i only play 4 seasons with one golfer or am i missing something

    Tiger rules

  79. avatar Mutiplayer online with 2 people from the same xbox

    Hi, I’m trying to play a friend of mine using online multiplayer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 on Xbox 360. However, I also want to have my other friend play with me from my xbox so we can play my friend online. I can’t log him in under my profile, is there any way to login with another profile and play online? For instance, does my friend need his own Xbox Live ID with a Gold Membership in order to play with me online from the same xbox?

  80. avatar mikey

    I have tiger woods 2o1o there is no two player career mode. dose 11,12,13 have two player career mode?

  81. avatar TW PGA Tour 11 Wii Q-school

    How do I make it to Q-school ? I’ve already met the other two requirements but can’t seem to find/access Q-School

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