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Former Bioshock developers Tyr Edge and Fennec Black have teamed up to form LunaVu, an company devoted to producing indie games. Their first labor of love is called Zero Point and is being billed as a cross between the action and strategy games.

Story details are few and far between this early in development but it seems players will take control of a technician charged with defending research equipment from varying waves of aliens and monsters. Armed with a plasma cannon and an ambiguous device called a lunar shepard, you must destroy the monsters before they can destroy your equipment.

While the screenshots make the game look appealing, one of the things that sets it apart from other shooters is Zero Point will feature co-op.  In two player mode, the weapons will be split between the players, with one controlling the cannon while the other controls the shepard. You’ll have to work together with your teammate to bring down the monsters, which should be an added bonus for co-op fans.

There is currently no release date set for Zero Point, but it seems like this is one Xbox LIVE Indie Game you should keep your eyes on, as we’ll have more information closer to launch.

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