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I wasn’t honestly expecting much when I wandered out of the mainstream sections on the last day of E3. Most of the games on the outskirts (or wastelands, as I call them) are pretty low quality, and don’t really have much to offer – with so many high octane titles we have to cover for the readers, it’s hard justifying covering a lot of these games.

But I was really drawn in by one really cool stand in particular. There was some pretty awesome artwork going on, and the idea of playing a quick dungeon with some fellow attendees really spoke to me – so what did Vindictus have to offer? Hardcore visceral Devil May Cry action in Phantasy Star Online form.After booting up the demo, myself and four other players were whisked into an ancient ruins dungeon instance, which we were told was randomly generated (which I’ll get to later). The entire game had a very Demon’s Souls feel to it, tactical rolling and all, which in my opinion is great. But unlike Demon’s Souls, Vindictus is much easier to learn, and a lot easier to play in terms of difficulty.

Moves are done combo style, like God of War, with a weak and strong attack. With the sword and shield character, I was able to do a shield bash/rush by using left click, left click, left click, right click – with the dual wielding character, I was able to do an “ATATATATA” hundred sword slash attack by rapidly pressing left click four times.

Using the space bar to roll has a real tight feel to it, which works great during boss encounters. You can also use an Xbox 360 controller if you choose, and it’s completely plug and play (which I highly recommend, since it plays more like an action game than a typical MMO). I’ve yet to hear confirmation of PS3 support, but I’ll keep you updated when I hear the news.

Players can also press E to grab enemies: you can use this grapple opportunity to either do a slam throw attack, throw them into other enemies (or into your allies), or, if you’re near a wall, do a very cool “wall stomp” brutal attack. You can also use the environment, and practically everything can be interacted with – from giant column pieces to barrels, to various traps like giant rolling logs that squish your enemies. All of this is done with the E key.

It looks like while the end-boss encounter is always the same in a particular instance, the actual dungeon itself that leads to that encounter is randomly generated. This is a feature I’m very excited for, because that gives the game a real dungeon crawler feel.

Of course, Vindictus could fall the way of the mighty dollar, like most free to play games go: by that I mean they could essentially string you along with so many microtransactions, that you’re spending more than $15 a month on a subscription fee that would otherwise give you unlimited content.

Time will tell, but you can bet that I’ll be giving you readers all the info I can when I get into the beta, and eventually, download the game for myself. Stay tuned for a review somewhere down the line if you’re cautiously approaching this one!

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