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Platinum Games got off to a real rocky start with MadWorld, but redeemed themselves entirely with Bayonetta – almost to the point where they couldn’t possibly top themselves. So far, they’ve dipped into a gothic fantasy realm, and a city in turmoil – but now they’re ready to snatch up the sci-fi crown with the high octane shooter Vanquish.

After a few generic trailers, Vanquish really showed it’s true colors: Gears of War on crack. Read on to find out if it can satisfy your adrenaline addiction

The first thing I noticed about Vanquish was that the sound effects were absolutely top notch. You better believe when a .50 caliber machine gun was fired, you heard it like it was really in the room with you. The game contains a healthy mix of beam and bullet weaponry (thankfully), and everything is a blast to play around with. You’ll also hear a bunch of familiar voices if you’re fan of anime, but the dub itself isn’t very high quality – which is becoming a signature trademark since Bayonetta (and surprisingly following the stellar job of MadWorld).

If you took a glance at the game, though, you’d probably think it was just another “cover and shoot” action game. But here’s where the title differentiates itself: boosting. By using the L2 button, the player can do a rocket powered baseball slide, shooting all the way, WET style – except this game actually has a soul. All of your weaponry feels very unique, as does your bio-suit and extra abilities.

Speaking of cover, the system itself is actually pretty seamless. In other games like Gears of War or Mass Effect, I would frequently have trouble snapping into cover whenever I wanted, but in Vanquish, it feels natural.

The enemies look pretty cool, but a few of them have certainly been seen before (most notably the Geth looking enemies, and the typical power mechs). But regardless of how familiar they are, they have bite. Every enemy was constantly raining fire down upon me, particularly one giant tank boss that fired countless missiles in my direction. Your character definitely has the whole Iron Man thing going on, with a tech-suit that has a retractable helmet for extra dramatic effect during intense situations.

If there were any shortcomings I could see in the demo, it would be lack of locale diversity. It seems like all of the levels are going to feel similar (a futuristic tech-city), but if Platinum can mix it up in the final version, I’ll be ecstatic. I’m also concerned with the availability of extra options – I’m hoping there will be TONS of extra content like costumes, levels, difficulty levels, and bosses. Additionally, I hope the super successful “easy automatic one handed” mode will make a triumphant return in Vanquish.

All in all, Vanquish feels like a mixture between Bayonetta and Gears of War, with a bit of Omega Boost, which is a really good thing. There’s nothing better than boosting your way into a giant mech and punching it right in the face.

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    Omega Boost? robots and shooting are about the only things Vanquish and Omega Boost appear to have in common. Omega Boost is more like Star Fox with a robot instead of a space ship to control.

  2. That video was fucking badass.

  3. As I’ve stated multiple time to my friends and brothers, when this game comes out: I’M DOING A MELEE ONLY RUN !!!!

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