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When we all heard Sonic was trying to make another comeback, we all sighed. As much as we want to see the blue blur return to stardom like Robert Downey Junior’s career, we all felt that the likelihood of it was becoming slimmer with each failed game.

After having the opportunity to play the hands-on demo, I can definitely say that SEGA is taking the right steps to bringing our beloved hero back from the dead.  While it’s tough to say how the public will perceive it, I was surprisingly impressed overall with the demonstration.

Harken back to the old Sonic days, players will immediately notice many of the characteristics that made the original games so popular.  For instance, many of Sonic’s iconic moves, like the Spin Dash, are making their appearances plus some new fancy ones to compliment his arsenal.

As well, the visuals maintain the same vibrant colors and the levels are as grand as ever.  Interestingly enough, the colors, from the title, correspond to the different types of wisps found within the game.  From the demonstration and my understanding, the game will feature at least three different wisp colors.

Releasing the wisps from the holding containers and a flick of the wrist will temporarily grant Sonic a special ability.  For example, the yellow wisps allows Sonic to drill through dirt gaining access to hidden areas and obtaining secret rings and 1ups.

The green wisps, on the other hand, transform Sonic into a laser beam destroying any enemies or breakable objects in his path.  Aiming the green wisp in the correct direction at specific points in the level will send Sonic into hidden locations.

As well, there was mention of a white wisp, but from my demonstration I never encountered his ability.

Right now, the story behind Colors is a bit of a mystery at the moment.  After probing one of the senior producers a bit, my understanding is that Dr. Eggman wants to turn the Sonic universe into a giant amusement park.  Instead of small fury animals, wisps are being captured – possibly acting as a power source? – and it’s up to Sonic to release them from their internment.

Each of the levels are selected from a HUD screen that displays Dr. Eggman’s vast empire.  From the demo, two different stages were playable plus a boss: a tropical environment and a night level.  It was a nice touch seeing those two environments because they created a bit of nostalgia that reminded me of the old Sonic levels.

Similarly, instead of the old-school, platform camera angle, the game utilizes a variety of angles to capture Sonic’s motion.  At one moment, there will be an angle hovering behind him as he dashes through the stage, and as he turns the corner, the angle will shift to bring that traditional feeling.

Overall, Nintendo has been making a huge push this year to deliver a variety of top notch games, especially with its most iconic characters.  And while Sonic Colors may be overlooked due to Nintendo’s push, it is definitely a game everyone should take a moment and test out before pushing it aside. Since the series’ drop-off I haven’t really picked it up, but I’m certain SEGA is at least moving in the right direction with this latest title.

  1. Color me surprised.

    Heh, heh, heh, heh…

  2. avatar 31337

    I Sega they would revive the Choa Garden. That’s why so many people played “Sonic Adventure 2″

  3. avatar 31337

    I WISH Sega they would revive the Choa Garden. That’s why so many people played “Sonic Adventure 2?

  4. avatar blahblahblah

    if they announced that they were gonna have chao garden for this game at the last second, i would seriously shit myself

  5. avatar pon&zi

    Chao garden wuz fun

  6. avatar Latesha

    A really good answer, full of raitoanitly!

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