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Resident Evil 5 was announced pretty early into the Move’s lifecycle. Everyone was wondering whether or not Move would ship with anything but casual titles/mini-game fests, and finally, we know that at the very least, we’re getting a Resident Evil game.

To be blunt, if you enjoyed Resident Evil 4 Wii, you’ll dig Re5 Move: but it’s definitely not without it’s faults.

The demo was based off the original one that debuted on the Xbox Live Arcade: the one that lets you choose between the arena style Executioner stage, or the Chainsaw Maniac infested Shanty Town. Because I wanted a more lengthy demonstration of Move, I choose Shanty Town. I’ve literally played the demo for this level at least 50 times, so I was ready and raring to go.

The first thing I liked right off the bat was the fact that you simply wave the wand to use your knife: no prepping required. There were a ton of times in the original non-Move edition of the game where I contemplated not using the knife because of the delay: but not anymore!

It just feels really natural, and added an entirely new strategic depth to the game, even if it might seem like a minor nuance. Another thing I liked was the fact that the large, easy to access “Move Button” (the swish) basically did everything. It made the game a whole lot easier, and more accessible, without feeling cheap.

Now, the actual aiming (the part you’re dying to hear about) was excellent – something that really surprised me considering this is a launch product. While IR aiming with the Wii-mote can be a real chore; especially if you’re sitting on the couch with your hand resting, and the sensor bar doesn’t agree with you that day, the Move Wand actually functions similar to a mouse.

So there’s no real dead zone, and you’re always aiming at something on the screen. If you don’t like the Move aiming method, simply use the analog stick on the auxiliary controller, and you can aim the more traditional way. I particularly liked this option, because if you’re playing an FPS on the Wii, and don’t like the IR pointer, you just have to deal with it: but not with the Move.

If I had one big negative experience with the game, it would be that the sniper rifle is not aimed with the Move Wand – you have to use the auxiliary controller’s analog stick. In my opinion, that either tells me the developers weren’t yet confident in the Move’s capabilities, or they didn’t know how to correctly program it. Either way, I would have liked the option to use Move for all my weapons in the game, considering it is in fact a Move title.

Keep in mind all of the Move control options will come in a free update to Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. I made sure to ask if original adopters of the non-Gold edition would get the same update, and the answer was a resounding “no” – which is definitely not a good thing. But at very least the Gold edition comes with all the DLC, so if you can find it on sale, grab it now in anticipation for Move.

There were a few things that really had me worried, but I know I’ll most likely get Resident Evil 5 Move somewhere down the line.

  1. They just had to utilize the worst Resident Evil game. I’d rather play RE4 a tenth time with move controls.

  2. avatar Naiyo

    GREAT!!!! I just wish they would have use the pointer for sniping.

  3. avatar Splain

    So stupid that original owners don’t get move support. Its the same fuckin game.

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