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Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Move will be granted a September release, coming to Europe September 15th, North America Setpebmer 19th and October21st for Japan.

There will be 15 – 20 titles available on launch, including: Socom 4, Time Crisis, Raising Storm, NBA 2k11, Ruse, Killzone 3, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2, and Eyepet.

In addition, several price bundles were announced:

  • PlayStation Move will sell for $49.99, with a standalone navigation controller available for $29.99
  • Sports Champion bundle for $99.99
  • PlayStation Move with PS3 console, PS Eye camera and Sports Champion for $399.99.
  1. No offense towards Playstation, but the Move just looks like a Wii remote that has a giant rainbow tumor.

  2. avatar Ehryah

    Hi there,The game Little Big World (i am assuming this is Little Big Planet) is a Sony exsiuclve and at this time can only appear on the PS3 and Sony PSP handheld. The term exsiuclve’ in video-games is a little misleading though. A game can be exsiuclve’ to a certain system for a period of time and a few months later the exlcusivity runs out and it can then be released on other formats/systems.Little Big World/Planet is unlikely to suddenly lose their exclusivity deal with Sony though. So unfortunately the only way to play this game is to buy/borrow a PS3 or PSP.

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