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EA’s press conference has opened with the announcement of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by the team who pioneered the Burnout series, Criterion Games.

Now that the keys have been handed over to Criterion, the franchise is set to go back to its roots with “exotic cars, epic drives and hot pursuits,” with a new career mode that allows you to play as either a racer or as a cop. A pre-rendered trailer was shown featuring intense high speed chases across a desert landscape, complete with Bugatti Veyron police cars.

Criterion also announced a feature entitled “auto log,” which will be the basis for the game’s online and split screen connectivity. This was demonstrated live on stage as the representatives went head to head as a cop and felon respectively.

My only question is this: why has it taken this long for a new Hot Pursuit to arrive? The series has been crying out for this revival for too long now.

  1. This sounds awesome. The original Hot Pursuit might still be my favorite racing game of all time.

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    It’s about time, too bad my taste in driving games matured to more realistic racing. Grid 2?

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