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A small but nonetheless awesome tidbit came out of the Lucasarts b0oth at E3 today, they confirmed that the upcoming Monkey Island 2: Special Edition will be seeing a release on both the iPad and iPhone platforms.

Even better is that they have removed the need to drag a cursor around, instead it’s simply point and touch to play.

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No release date is set yet, but it will come sometime after the Xbox / Steam release. A full preview of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition will be published in the coming days.

  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I know it’s not seen as the best in the series because of it’s ending, but Monkey Island 2 has always been my personal favorite. I can’t remember how many times my brother and I would sit together laughing our balls off as we played it over and over again. This is a perfect game for the iPhone, and I hope we see some more ports and even original games in the same manner.

  2. avatar Marisol

    What’s your oipnion on the controller exclusivity thing? I’ve not seen anyone talk about it yet (maybe I just don’t read the right sites), and it’s probably going to be very important bit to their overall strategy.

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