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Announced yesterday, when the Xbox Slim was debuted on the show floor, was that Microsoft have finally fixed the Red Ring of Death. Yes, that’s right… After 5 years of plaguing the community, they have solved the issue behind the red lights.

Read on after the jump, for Microsoft ingenious solution.

The solution? The Removal of the red LEDs, since as we all know the red LEDs were the primary cause of this fatal issues. In the new console tech specification Microsoft noted that, now, only green lights exist around the power button.

Also for those who may be interested, the Slim removes support for external HDDs and memory

Read the full specs here.

  1. avatar A.W.

    Mmm, yeah. never buying any sh-t from microsoft. They treat their customers like crud.

    • Annoying as the red rings may be, I found the actual customer service side of things to be pretty good. I’m unlucky enough to have one of the earliest 360s which are far more prone to Red Ringing which is exactly what happened a year and a half ago. It took one phone call and they came and picked up my 360 and took it away for repair. I had it back after about 5 days with a free month of live. So in short, shoddy hardware, good service lol.

    • Yeah, I’d say their customer service is actually top notch. Not that it excuses RRODs by any means, but they’ve done a lot to make the problem as hassle-free as possible.

      This new XBox360 Slim sounds really stupid, though.

  2. Lol I suppose technically there won’t be any more RRODs :p Although from what I hear they pretty much beat the problem when they came out with the Jasper motherboard. I had a first generation console for years. It RRODed and got fixed multiple times until I finally just got an arcade unit. Works fine now, but M$ has got to make sure this doesn’t happen next console generation.

  3. avatar A.W.

    its endemic to the company guys. Every year they sell a new version of windows on the promise that “this time it will work.” court documents revealed that they deliberately sold vista on computers that didn’t have the resources to handle.

    You think they didn’t know about the RROD ahead of time? Of course they did. But they sold the machines anyway.

    And besides, what does microsoft have. Let’s see here, they have halo, a first person shooter. It looks great, but its a well-populated genre. They have Gears of War. and that is a legitimately cool game, i hear.

    They have mass effect and i hear good things about fable. Besides that, nothing that you can’t buy on the ps3.

    But the ps3 has ratchet and clank, infamous, uncharted, metal gear solid 4, God of War, Valkaryia (sp) Chronicles, resistance, killzone, modnation racers, little big planet, plus good connectivity with the psp (resistance retribution rocks when you hook it up to resistance 2 on the ps3 and “infect” your psp game with the alien virus). ps1 games that you can play on either the psp or ps3, or both literally at the same time (right now i am playing the original metal gear solid anywhere i go), and on and on.

    Oh, and their network is free. And their disc drive holds more info. For instance, on the Ps3 you get one disk for Final Fantasy XIII, or for Fallout 3 GOTY edition. And its a blue ray player.

    Hell, i like my wii better than the 360. You get the only current version of tiger woods with 1-to-1 motion control (supposedly it is coming over to the ps3, though), you got 3 sweet mario games (super mario galaxy 1 and 2, and super paper mario), legend of zeldo: TP, metrio prime trilogy, okami. not to mention those fun little sports, play and sports resort games. and not to mention downloading sweet NES classics.

    But let me return to my original point. Microsoft has zero respect for its customers. It cares more about the quick buck than actually giving you a satisfying experience. And they can and should be punished for that.

    Saying they were nice about replacing their broken system is not enough. They released their system about a year before the Ps3. do you think if they waited another year, they might have fixed the problem? But they didn’t. Now why is that?

    Because they cared more about the fast buck. Its that simple.

    • avatar Ferahtsu

      To quote Chuck Palahniuk:
      “Take the number of vehicles(Xbox 360s) in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don’t do one.”

      I fail to understand how removing red LEDs from the power button will prevent any RROD. Best that will do is not signal you when your 360 has gone FUBAR.

  4. avatar A.W.

    i will ad that i don’t know for a fact that they knew about the RROD. That’s just my opinion based on what i consider to be an appropriate level of cynicism.

  5. @AW: No one’s buying it.

    I’m wondering if that design decision was done WITH THIS IN MIND … it would be pretty funny if it was. The removal of support for the external memory/HDD seems like an odd choice, though it might have something to do with hacking concerns. I’m interested in what advantage the new Slim has over the older models now, other than being smaller and probably more energy-efficient (normally only an issue for handhelds). Or it could just be planned obsolescence. Not a major deal either way, I can’t afford any of the current-generations consoles with my budget.

  6. avatar gfk

    My name is A.W. and I hate Microsoft!!!

    • avatar Ferahtsu

      My name is Ferahtsu, and I hate Microsoft!!!

    • avatar A.W.


      Its a fair cop. I feel I have good reasons to feel the way I do, but feel free to make up your own mind.

      And yeah, my big comment was more than a little venting. sorry.

  7. If you all will recall, they DID know about the RROD, and decided NOT to fix the problem for, if I remember correctly, 50 cents per system. They chose not to so they could be the first Next Gen system out. It was a gamble, and one that paid off tremendously.

    It wasn’t a sound decision in terms of the consumer, but it’s not like they’re leaving you out in the dust without a 360. They readily replace any RROD.

  8. I am lucky enough to have not experienced a RROD on my Xbox, not that it would have been a big deal. I will be buying the new Xbox for two reasons: 1) My 60GB hard drive just isn’t cutting it; and 2) I will only have to pay $125 for it when I take advantage of Gamestop’s trade-in deal. Economically speaking, it wouldn’t make sense not to purchase it. (At least in my case). I paid $300 for 60GB and can get 250GB for just $125!

  9. avatar Xbox slim owner

    funny you post some bullshit thing about the new console not have red LEDs or and about it not red ringing anymore….mine red-ringed 3 weeks into owning it…..a brand new next gen xbox 360 slim

  10. avatar uf gamer

    can i have sex with you pleass other wiys i will cik you were it hearts ok

  11. avatar Anonymous

    i have just had my second 360 RROD on me and both machines did this within a month of the guarantee expiring! now i love the 360 and hate to complain about it (cus it gives my bro who is a PS3 owner a big head) but come on are they timed to do this or what? i still have the origional black xbox atm and have had it from when it was released, i have never once had a problem with it and it has never let me down, come on Microsoft, whats changed?

  12. Youre so appropriate. Im there with you. Your weblog is absolutely worth a read if anybody comes across it. Im lucky I did due to the fact now Ive received a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so essential and so universal. You surely set it in perspective for me.

    • avatar Jacy

      @ZaCkOX900Replaced? How am I supposed to find a new hasteink that fits into the 360 form factor? I’d hate to say it but, even after more than a decade of playing Playstations, I cannot use that controller any longer I’m just going to buy the new 360 Slim and buy an extended warranty since we all know the RROD problem still persists. Taking the red LEDs out of the system was a cheap, disingenuous fix by micro$oft and I’d hate to support them but I NEED to play Fallout: New Vegas. Goddamnit

  13. avatar Deeksha

    This trick somehow woekrd for me lol. Was just sharing, not saying it will work for everybody but xboxes are crap anyway, you can do all kinds of crazy stuff to revive them.

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