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LBP captured my heart in 2008 with its adorable, adventurous gameplay, and its undeniably charming sackboy mascot.

Now, the sequel is preparing for its launch later this year, and I can’t help but get excited. Especially since they are ramping up the already powerful level design tool. Media Molecule is promising that LBP 2 is not only a fun platformer, but also a “platform for games”.

With that in mind, I took some of the mini-games they had on the show for a spin.

The three games I got to play with some of my colleagues was a competitive arena bumper car game, timing-based game where players earned points by pressing the correct button, and an arena rocket combat game.

Each game was extremely entertaining, and it shows – on the basic level – just how different you can make the games now. What’s more exciting is that players were able to do some INCREDIBLE things with the last level designer, and the new freedoms implied by the digital puppetry and expanded power means that players will be producing even more awesome content.

And what’s not to like about that? The last game provided content well over the $60 price of admission. The Play, Create, Share model of Media Molecule, and Sony, is an awesome philosophy that I hope bleeds over into other games (Modnation Racers was one of them).

I was also given a chance to take a single level for a run. The grappling hook is an interesting addition to the core gameplay, and the digital puppetry gives each level more to look at than before. There were giant crabs on the outside of the castle I was running up, and paper airplanes would fly off the walls as I ran by.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sample a taste of the level creator. Which is probably good since the last game’s tutorial was forever long. ¬†With the debut trailer, and the demo we saw at the Sony press conference, it’s obvious that Media Molecule isn’t skimping on anything. It is going to be powerful.

The only problem is the game is slated for later this year, and I can’t wait. The demo we played at E3 was short, but the mini-games were an absolute blast to play, and I can see the game transitioning from a platformer for friends, to a party game as well. I can comfortably say that I wouldn’t mind inviting my friends over for some sackboy fun!

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