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Bethesda showcased four different titles, and of the four, Fallout: New Vegas was the most well known.  Ironically, Rage, Brink, and Hunted were the lesser known, but because of their solid display, they quickly became the focal point of discussion whenever Bethesda was brought up.

Simply put, New Vegas was a disappointment for me, and because Vegas was once a place I called “home,” it was the title I was looking forward to most.  While it may sound contradictory, or even slightly biased, my impressions of the demonstration are completely separate from how I feel the overall game will be upon release and with good reason too.

Getting right down to the heart of the presentation, Fallout: New Vegas was presented terribly at E3 this year.  This was Bethesda’s moment to blow Obsidian skeptics out of their seats, and a chance to show the public that the publisher is granting Obsidian full support.  Instead, they really failed to follow through and only placed a bit more doubt on how the end product will turn out.

Upon entering the media area, I quickly noticed a theater for Rage, an open area for Brink, a demo area for Hunted, and finally, a hands on area for Fallout.  While the massive dinosaur display was impressive, the Fallout area was the last to be noticed, tucked away in the furthest corner.  Nonetheless, I trotted over to get my hands on the game.

After taking a few minutes to observe the gameplay, I was greeted by an attractive young woman.  She proceeded to walk me through the game, but oddly enough, she really didn’t have anything to say other than telling me where to go.


The silence between us was extremely awkward, and to break it, I kept recalling facts about Fallout 3 that could open up discussion about New Vegas.  I got little response.

As time progressed, it turned into one of those moments where your teacher stands behind you as you type up an essay at the computer lab.  You feel the pressure of someone standing over you, examining every one of your tiny slip-ups in an effort to diminish your self-esteem at a later time.  You’re just anticipating something to happen, and all you want is for the person to leave.

I know I’m a sexy man, and that I have the charm and look to turn any woman into a feeble sheep, but c’mon, impress me.  At this point you’re probably thinking, “So you had a bad run-in with a proctor, how’s the demonstration overall?”

That’s the thing, without someone talking you up, guiding you, showcasing the high points of the game, etc. Fallout: New Vegas is way too vast to experience through a demonstration. Don’t get me wrong, finding those marquee moments are what makes this game so enthralling – when you have the complete version and essentially an infinite amount of time at your disposal – but if you’re restricted to 15 minutes of gameplay, you don’t have time to find those moment.

I think we all can agree that it’s not a game where you can just pick-up and play.  There are options about how you talk to people that determine the path you follow.  For example, upon meeting a hotel lobbyist, all I wanted to do was fight him to see how the VATS system improved the melee combat, so I picked all the confrontational dialogue boxes.

After I killed the guy, my character was permanently banned from the hotel and I was forced to restart the demonstration because I broke it.  Someone whispering in my ear that I need to be nice to the lobbyist, so that I can see all the casino games and witness how luck plays a larger role would have piqued my interest.  Instead, I felt like a wandering child walking into the middle of the street.

To no surprise, I broke the demo a few more times, and eventually I just gave up to go play Brink.  With no direction and a limited time to play, it’s impossible to get the full spectrum of New Vegas.  In all honesty, this is a game that would have greatly benefited from a hands-off demonstration – showcasing all the new and improved characteristics.

Likewise, this hearkens back to my Brink impressions.  There are games that you may know nothing about, but because the people behind its development are so enthusiastic, you can’t help but not get excited for them.  On the other hand, there are games you dream about daily, but then your impressions turn sour after a terrible presentation.  To put it bluntly, you essentially assume the lack of effort is attributed to the fact that they know the title will sell well, and therefore, they can’t be bothered to put together a solid demonstration.

Nonetheless, my hopes still remain high and that the full release will put my worries to rest.  Until then, I’m still bashing my head against the wall out of utter confusion.

  1. I agree; this was the weakest demo of the 4 Bethesda titles at the show, and it really should have been showcased like a crown jewel.

    At least we got more exposure to the unknown quantities in their lineup.

    • Maybe they chose not to showcase New Vegas as such because they know that nothing much is bringing brought to the Fallout series with the newest installment. It appears to me that they are just giving Fallout 3 a new name in hopes that it will be just as successful.

    • avatar Oolong Dao

      what? are you fuckung kidding me it’s not like ODST where it’s a add on that got too big!
      It probably wasn’t covered by bethsoft because it’s not made by them, it only uses the same engine and some data.

  2. Obviously I wasn’t at E3 but I was one of those few that really didn’t like Fallout 3 so I’ve been keeping my eye on New Vegas with a hope that it can fix what I didn’t like about Fallout 3 and so far I’ve only been let down. In fact they seem to be expanding the things I didn’t like.

    I think it’s the gameplay engine in general that I don’t like. Maybe the next “true” sequel will impress me.

  3. avatar Kev-O

    So you don’t like the game because no one is telling you what to do and because killing the hotel’s manager got you banned from the hotel? What, did you expect them to give you a cookie for randomly killing a man instead of banning you because you shot a fucking guy?

    Stick to FPSs, kid. Fallout’s an roleplaying game series.

    • avatar Xavier1216

      No, I think the problem is that once you’re banned from the hotel, there’s nothing else to do in the demo. If the hotel is the only functioning area in the demo, there are no consequences to killing the manager because you have to reset the demo. He’s not complaining that killing a guy got him banned, he’s complaining that getting banned means there’s nothing else to do in the demo. It runs exactly opposite of what people want in the game, because it forces you to play a certain style (what you people would consider NOT an RPG).

  4. avatar Jay

    Apparently the author doesn’t understand simple RPG mechanics.

    • avatar Mohammad

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  5. avatar Bobby

    The author of this article is a moron.

    • avatar Anonymous

      Agreed. It’s amazing what passes for a “journalist” these days.

    • avatar ...

      This article settles it, IM GOING TO BE A GAME CRITIC.
      Cant be that hard if this poor excuse for journalism got published.

  6. avatar Sakharov

    Go back to play COD, you pretentious moron.¿What were you expecting?, its an ARPG, you need at least a bit of common sense to play this kind of games…come on, people like you shouldn’t be allowed to review games.
    Give it up man.

  7. avatar Anonymous

    Whispering? I don’t think a great big neon sign and a character screaming at the top of their lungs “YO BRO, DON’T SHOOT PEOPLE IT MAKES THEM TOTALLY UNCOOL TOWARDS YOU” would’ve helped your retardation in this instance.

    You had a chance to talk about how the game responded to your choices and how FUCKING KILLING SOMEONE affected how you were treated, instead you showed the kind of retardation that sees so many FPS’ with health-regen and universal ammo getting dumped on the market these days.

    As for “breaking the demo a few more times”, what did you do? Pick the “Quit Game” option and wonder why no-one whispered in your ear “quitting takes you out of the game, honey”.

    • avatar Abel

      I think many of you are focusing too specifically on the overall spectrum of the game and are mistaking this as a final review instead of as a 15 minute demonstration.

      He even prefaces the article by saying, “my impressions of the demonstration are completely separate from how I feel the overall game will be upon release and with good reason too.”

      Which is to say that he personally didn’t enjoy the presentation because the landscape of the fallout universe is too vast to experience within 15 minutes. Had the developers pushed a hands off demonstration or focused on something smaller and specific with a bit of direction, then he’d probably be singing a different tune.

      Likewise, If you were to pick up Fallout 3, be plopped down in the middle of the DC area with no sort of bearing, and forced to come up with something in a short period of time, I think we all would attack the first thing we see to witness the extremes of the game.

    • avatar Chris Carter

      What Abel said – the demo should have been a very clear cut event/quest, with a clear objective, similar to an FPS demo.

      THEN, they show you a compilation video of all the cool stuff you can do.

    • avatar DarkUnderlord

      And you both might have a point if Curtis hadn’t repeatedly spoken about “breaking” the demo. It was a 15 minute free-play session for an RPG, not a hand-held demonstration. You don’t “break” that by not being willing to deal with the consequences of the decisions you make in that time.

      It’s like having 15 mins with an FPS and dying, then complaining that nobody turned God-mode on for you. Or playing an RTS and losing the mission, only to lament “what could of been” had you won and complaining that this alternative wasn’t immediately shown to you.

      In fact in that 15 mins he got to actually test out the combat – not just watch someone else play it – and then experience the consequences of killing certain characters. Both valid things he could speak about now that he’s actually had a chance to “feel” them for himself. Not just have a developer decide what “really cool” bits they want to show, leaving you to wonder if perhaps that’s all there is.

      He even said he was able to re-start and, I assume (though it’s not mentioned) actually got a chance to try out the gaming mechanics he wanted. If not, with a girl standing right by him, perhaps he should’ve dropped the “how cool am I with my facts hyuk” and asked her a pertinent question about the actual game itself instead?

  8. avatar Black

    Have no fear, KKKodex is here.

  9. avatar Michael

    So… you killed a man, and you got punished.

    What’s the news?

  10. avatar Azrael the Cat

    Don’t scare the children, Black.

  11. avatar Lightweight Nate

    You guys really need to stop criticizing this guy. He did the right thing. He killed a guy, which you are most definitely allowed to do in RPG games, and the demo crashed because he did something different from what everyone else did. Isn’t having many many choices what RPGs are all about? The reason he was complaining was because he felt like instead of being able to do his own thing, the demo broke every time he strayed off of the exact path that everyone else was forced to take. I’d be pretty pissed off too.

    • avatar Jesus saviour of Goats

      Dood its a DEMO!.

      As in they cut a specific part of the game up and show it to you to give you a over all experience of what the game is about, but NOOOOOO.

      Now i get breaking the game one’s or twice and then trying stuff out to get a good overview of how things are in this game compared to fallout 3.

      The issue her is that the moron who wrote this peace of crap article more or less went “BRO I DO NOT KNOW HOW SHHHOT MORE FACE IN THIS GAME BRO”.

      In other words Curtis is proof that any one can be a Game Journalist and still suck major ass at something so ******* simple.

  12. avatar Tagz

    @Lightweight Nate

    No, the demo didn’t crash, the “journalist” up there specifically said that he was banned from the casino for killing the doorman, which is a clear indication that he, in fact, did not cause the game to crash, only to react in a logical, foreseeable way to a hostile action by the gamer.

    Really, bitching about the game reacting to your actions is stupid. Really, really stupid.

  13. avatar Anonymous

    This article would’ve been better summed up in 1 or 2 lines on a twitter page instead of all this dumb rambling.

  14. avatar Mr Hatred

    Usually, in free form sandbox games they would be also interested in how the PLAYER sits down and what they do. Either the “attractive young woman” was hired for ten bucks to seat people and therefore didn’t know the game well, or she was interested in watching what people did with the game.

    And the reviewer shot the first person they met, got bored, and wandered off to find a game where he could shoot people (but without the tedious experience of talking to them first.)

    The others in this forum are right… this reviewer is the reason why games are being designed with STUPID in mind.

    (I can’t believe he complained about consequences from murdering hotel staff in an RPG… it’s a godsend when games makers PUT IN consequences. Obsidian, based on feedback from My Gumby here, will probably take them out once they stop banging their head on the table.)


    • avatar ...

      Does this include instruction manuels or the games title itself?
      If so then this guy is gonna have a hard time finding work, he might even have trouble with Brink because of that one word in the games title that made him bored and/or angry and/or even more impatient.

  15. avatar Mr Hatred

    I mean, he didn’t mention ANYTHING useful.

    Art design, changes in the interface, inventory, nothing-…

    Even after killing the people he still hasn’t said a thing about the combat. Reading his reviews is like watching a road accident. You know you should turn away, but it’s either pity or perversity.

  16. With “Alpha Protocol” being such a piece of shit, I’d be wary of this game even with Bethesda standing over Obsidian’s shoulders. After all, having Sega hold their hand for AP definitely didn’t help.

    • avatar Ang

      Mm, yes. Obsidian’s track record in regards of bugs is quite amazing. Still, the author doesn’t quite explain how the demo “broke” – and his example is anything *but* an example of broken content.

    • avatar Paul

      Screw you, Alpha Protocol is amazing RPG if you are able to overlook few superficial flaws (like animations and checkpoint system). I have not encountered any bugs on PC.

  17. avatar Ang

    It’s nice that the article avoids the pitfall of being an uninformative clichéd advertisement. Refreshing for game journalism.

    A pity that the author either doesn’t know much about RPGs that he’s supposed to preview or can’t present his thoughts in a coherent fashion to explain how exactly the demo is broken past the fact that killing a person actually GETS OTHER PEOPLE TO WANT TO KILL YOU, what a twist!

    What does “demo broke” even mean? Does it mean it crashed? BSoD?

    P.S: Thanks for letting us know that Brink, on the other hand, does NOT react to player and you can shoot things in the face and eat bananas.

  18. avatar BlueScale

    Hey, retard, UCSB called, they want their degree back.

    Also, cowardly ninja-editing the article is cowardly.

  19. avatar smejki

    what? this is pure game-jouranlistic amateurism. LOLd

  20. I don’t understand why people think they can just pick and choose words from an article and fabricate what they think it was about and viciously attack the author. Classy move.

    • avatar Louie

      Enlighten us, ufgamer, because even putting everything in context I can’t see this article as being anything more than an unprofessional whine. He doesn’t give any impressions about the things he did experience, such as the hand to hand VATS that he was so eager to sample, nor does he even explain what he means by “breaking” the demo. Fine, he gets kicked out of the hotel for starting a fight and has to start again (which is a predictable consequence and not a big deal is), but did the game crash the other times? Did he get killed? Did he blow up the poker machines with grenades and then wonder why he couldn’t play the poker machines anymore?

  21. avatar JonD

    Wah wah wah, nobody held my hand through the demo!
    Wah wah wah, my actions had consequences!
    It should be obvious that if you kill the lobbyist you will be banned from the hotel and therefore be unable to play the casino games. You shouldn’t need to be told this. Have some common sense.

  22. avatar Bernadotte

    Woah, I’ve never seen such a display of bad journalistic practise and frankly outright hackery in a long time. I’d make a list of what’s wrong with this article, but I think that ground has already been covered.

    Poor show.

  23. avatar Xavier1216

    And where was the big neon sign that says, “THIS HOTEL IS THE ONLY THING IN THE DEMO THAT WORKS!!!”? The whole point of the game is to be open enough that alienating one faction opens doors with others, and that obviously didn’t happen in this demo. If the demo breaks because the developers didn’t put enough thought into it, that’s not the player’s fault. I think you guys are just Fallout fan-boys that can’t handle a little criticism.

    • avatar Bert

      He got to start again when he cut off from the casino, at which point he must have been given to understand that his play area was limited to the casino. That would have served as his neon sign. What happened then? He didn’t even say.

    • avatar Lingwe

      Actually most of the people commenting here are either lukewarm or openly dismissive of Fallout 3 (which is what I assume you are referring to when you call them Fallout fanboys). Although yes, they are Fallout fanboys (fans of the actual originals).

      In regards to the ‘review’ – I haven’t learned anything new by reading this review than what I’ve already known. Thanks for wasting space on the tubes.

    • avatar ...

      There was actually multiple pre-made save files that were designed to be loaded by the player at the start of the preview so that they could veiw different parts of the game according to what they wanted to see, the casino save was just one of a few possible files.
      Retardy Mc Cant-write-a-decent-preview-without-his-ego-acting-up here obviously didnt listen when they explained this to everyone.

  24. avatar Your Mama

    Curtis, I’m really disappointed of ya. You could be writing about more important things than demonstrating your own idiocy online.

  25. avatar benge111

    stick to playing COD you fool this isnt a ‘reveiw’ its nonsence. Stay away from rpgs and journalism…

  26. avatar Masana82

    An english teacher, in my high school years, once told me to never write a critic and then nullify my knowledge over the subject, “suicide in writing” was his analogy. Also, for someone with an english degree you are committing a crime against grammar when you write (…)you don’t have time to find those moment.. Please, don’t rely on spell check for grammatical concordance. You write for a living, you are obliged to be consistent.

    My review over your review: Anyone can write reviews nowadays, even if they have a limited grasp of the subject.


  27. avatar Johnny Crash

    I shot a man in New Vegas, just to watch him die.

  28. avatar r. decline

    there isn’t even enough in this article to come to a conclussion about what the demo may or may not have covered. you “broke” the demo? how, what, where, are you having to buy them new consoles? did you shoot the guy with vats? what about the dialogue was it decent enough? was it in sync? voiced? voiced well? how did you even kill him? the only thing i have learned from this is you are good looking according to you.

  29. avatar Madison Suicide

    “this is a game that would have greatly benefited from a hands-off demonstration”

    No, only you would have benefited greatly from a hands off demo. Other reviewers seem to be able to write about it. Try reviewing movies perhaps. Those are pretty hands off, though you do have to seat yourself. I can see it now, “This movie would have greatly benefited from some ushering.”

  30. avatar Aww...

    Poor baby Curtis didn’t get his hand holded while playing a game. How did you get to the room in the first place without your objective-arrow compass in front of you?

  31. avatar ...

    This entire article is one guy bitching and letting everyone know how retarded he actually is.
    Does he even know any genre other than fps?

  32. avatar GhostDigga

    Fire this man.

  33. avatar arc175

    maybe you were banned from the casino because thats how life works if your mean dumbass. go to vegas, and start swearing out the manager and see what happens

  34. Wow, this board has more trolls than Mordor. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    • avatar What an abusable system

      Didn’t you notice this part?

      “Have no fear, KKKodex is here.”

      When something reaches the hands of the Codex and it’s moronic… prepare to be trolled.

  35. avatar Seriously, what a stupid comment system

    What kind of idiot does a system like this? No wonder your article gets trolled so much.

  36. avatar Guessing Random Avatar

    And the random avatar at the side of it it’s a nice touch. Let’s see who comes next… maybe Mario.

  37. avatar Guessing Random Avatar

    Nope, maybe Mario this time!

  38. avatar Mario

    Mario now!

  39. avatar Joker

    Does the name you put go along with the avatar?

  40. avatar Bomberman

    So it does! That’s fun!

  41. avatar Too bad, kid, too bad.

    Too bad man. I was wishing for a review, but sh*t happened and you decided to f*ck up this one. You might not have enough life experience, but this REVIEW is obviously one test for your life. You can go out and kill a few people, too. How about that? You probably don’t know the consequences? Let me tell you – jail and death. You should at least say something, like ‘excuse me’. IDK, maybe do something? Don’t go on E3 ’11 if you haven’t learned what all people here just taught you.

  42. avatar JohnMoat

    The girl didn’t talk to you about your great fallout 3 achievments because she knows f3 sucked as an rpg and the achievments don’t amount to much. Or she had been listening to crap like that all day long. You ever have to listen all day to people talk about how great and super each and every one of their characters are? It is boring! Oh you ran around with a big gun, oh impressive…actually no, everyone did.
    Sorry she didn’t suck you off though. Sounds like that is what you really look for in a E3 display. Glad to hear the Brink guys were able to get you excited.

  43. avatar Anonymous

    What a moron. Go back to Halo 3.

  44. avatar Ben

    Extremely moronic indeed.

    Screw you man, you have ruined my night.

  45. avatar Beerbear

    Can I have an epic facepalm please?

    • avatar Larissa

      yea you kid of got a point there.. my gta iv is not working wen am moidndg it soo i was almost done.. it’s the worst gta game soo far.. not because it of the game itself, is because after you start to moidndg it, it will fail and it will never work agian or you need to reinstall it..

  46. avatar Anonymous

    the man who wrote this review is an absolute idiot. it seems to me like he went into it with a negative mindset.

  47. avatar Mr. Nice

    That’s what you get for trying out a game in the coffee break.. 15 minutes of gameplay and a nice booth babe who makes up for her ignorance by her make-up. In other words: a bad experience. Not much to go on for a game that is really too big for that.

    Too bad about all the moronic comments, but some people just don’t get you.

  48. avatar Ben

    Yeah he’s like, too brilliant for us to understand him.

  49. avatar Chad H.

    Very poor preview. If you want to be hand-held through life, go teach kindergarten.

    They have select areas that are polished for people to preview, I’m sure they’d like to have the full game at your beck and call so you could see the open other door, but they can’t have everything.

    Seriously, Beth dare promote other games, cant have the whole game available at a conn for you to play through, you kill a guy and the game world gets upset – This is a reason to not like a game these days?

    First time on the site, and if this is the standard of writing and critical thinking here, its also my last.

  50. avatar Anonymous

    Cloaked Figure is a fag!

    • avatar Shendock

      I enjoyed rienadg your work! GREAT post! I looked around for this but I found you! Anyway, would you mind if I threw up a backlink from my site to your site?

    • avatar Dalwinder

      I think Fallout 1 > 2, I enjoyed the story and the orinigality of the first game more. Master is one of the best bosses ever in games.And Fallout 3 == Fallout: NV (both have their good and bad sides)The originals can’t really be compared with the new ones.

  51. avatar Max

    C’mon guys, he’s right: Fallout is still not consolified enough. Like, people with less than 3 brain cells might find it way too complex – those Obsidianites should focus on adding some Gears of War-ish cover mechanics and auto health-regen instead of working on utterly important shit, such as dialogues and story. Meh.

  52. avatar Controller

    This whole things was so lolworthy. Upon reading the first 3 sentences about New Vegas I was able to pick up that it was showing the gambling part and upon reading other reviews they had save files for each part.

    That said I’m waiting for the next article from you guys where you go to one of the combat demos and complain that there was no gambling like they promised.

  53. avatar Anonymous

    I’ve would of been grateful just to get in to E3. But bitch when you get to play new game demo and a hot chick beside you, I know I wouldn’t complain. Try pick her up if you were bored or just fuck off.

  54. avatar Chefe's Alt

    Article sucks,
    OP is a fag.

  55. avatar P.D.O.

    Why even bother posting this? Why just skip over F:NV and post nothing about it. This wasn’t worth my time checking it out, and apparently for you wasn’t worth the time it took you type this. So why bother at at?
    I’m with some of the others: Fire this guy.
    Or doc his pay or something. This isn’t acceptable even for a half ass blog.

  56. avatar Anonymous

    If I walk into a hotel and blast the bellhop in the face with a shotgun, guess what? I go to prison. I JUST BROKED REALITY!!!!

    Yeah, choices are important, as are consequences. How is it shocking to this guy that going on a retarded killing spree would result in a negative reaction?

    Go play Halo or some shit if you want to just run around in circles, hosing down everything in sight with a plasma gun. Retard.

  57. avatar Ran

    Beyond stupidity. Fire this idiot.

    “Until then, I’m still bashing my head against the wall” Oh, that might be the case of such “high intelligent” mind? Yeah dude, bash it more!

  58. avatar Ast

    Sounds to me like this reviewer was more put off by being unable to seduce his guide, rather than the quality of game play.

  59. avatar Girlytrash

    Moron. Is this what constitutes a review nowadays? Could you have at least made an effort with the demo so you could have given your review some substance?

  60. avatar Hancock

    Just a douche, no other word for it.

    • avatar Roberta

      I purchased this theme and have ideas of what I want to do, but can’t seem to find dotmtencauion for a non-developer that make sense. Wouldn’t happen to have any screenshots of the set-up for the theme set-up, would you?

    • avatar Jezabel

      Jammer, had jullie graag nog een keer dit jaar live geiezn Achja dan maar de filmpjes van jullie op Youtube kijken, is het toch nog een beetje live Alleen uhh waar zijn de foto’s van jullie tijdens het opnemen van jullie muziek? Kan ze nog niet vinden

    • avatar Momo

      From what I’m able to tell autosaves don’t seem to sync with seaomcltud. I WAS able to recover my lost autosave by copying the backup the game made to a regular save file. I save a *little* more often now

  61. avatar Dayumn

    I read the article hoping to see a mention of gameplay and dialogue, but the sad, sad excuse for a journalist that wrote this didn’t even write about the game. Instead, he just tells us how to be douchebags at E3.

  62. avatar Ocems

    Go back to COD you moron. Stay away from rpg’s.

  63. avatar zombies

    TROLL NUMBER 1337 PLZ STEP UP TO THE MIKE TO SAY SOMETHING SAID BEFORE BUT IS INSANELY TRUE [footsteps] ur a douche, get fired, then die in a fire, good DAY

  64. Thanks Everyone For Your Comments. I enjoyed the thorough bashing.

  65. avatar Love

    My family renetd a condominium at Orange Beach, Alabama for three nights. We had a wonderful time digging in the sand and watching the dolphins swimming out in the Gulf of Mexico.

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