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With Nintendo pulling out all the stops at this year’s E3, Epic Mickey has been revealed to have had more than its fair share of changes since we last saw it. Junction Point Studios’ latest title will forgo the initial “mean Mickey” elements, in favor of more Disney-friendly gameplay for the Wii exclusive.

Hit the jump for a nifty gameplay video showing how Epic Mickey is aiming to be one of the biggest Wii releases for the near future.

The game will be utilizing several key features from a range of different genres in order to create a unique experience for the gamer. Merging platformer, RPG, and action adventure elements, Epic Mickey is attempting to set itself apart as one of the most eagerly watched games at E3’10, and the following video proves exactly why so many people are interested in it.

Forget evil Mickey, this dynamic world where Mickey can control almost everyone and everything (care of a Mario Sunshine-esque spray gun) looks to be a real winner for the developers.

Video source: G4TV

  1. This is the first thing I’ve seen from Epic Mickey that actually made me interested in the game.

  2. avatar djaxis

    it pains me that they’re ditching the possibility of a “scrapper” rat-like mickey

    this will prolly end up as just another OK mascot game minus the morality the first build had in previews

  3. This game looks simply amazing, the gameplay mechanics look so fresh – I have high hopes especially considering Warren Spector is at the helm! Nintendo really has a lot on offer this year!

  4. avatar Mike

    Uh, they haven’t scrapped the morality system. Warren’s been going on about it since E3.

  5. avatar Anonymous

    man when i heard mickey a evil rat i got my lapptop and searched 4 it if they still had it the evil style i buy it

  6. avatar Danijel

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