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After last week’s glorious live action teaser trailer, Ubisoft has finally unveiled Driver: San Francisco. Taking heed from the original Driver game in 1999, the game will adopt a back to basics approach with an emphasis on what the franchise was originally renowned for: hair raising, movie-style car chases.

As the title implies, the game will be set in San Francisco which again harkens back to the original. There will even be licensed cars for the first time in a Driver game, including Dodge Challengers and Ruf sports cars.

Hit the jump for further information, along with the first screenshots and videos of Driver: San Francisco.

Leading series protagonist Tanner will reprise his role, although if you followed Driv3r you would know that he was presumed dead. Bizarrely, San Francisco’s plot focuses on Tanner as he remains in a coma, with the events of the game taking place inside Tanner’s mind.

This introduces a new mechanic known as “shifting,” whereby players can pause the game and select from any passing car to instantaneously switch to, providing there is enough charge. As a result, this signifies the end of embarrassingly lacklustre on-foot action, with a firm focus on what really matters in this series: the driving.

Best of all? The film director, whereby you can manipulate camera angles and apply effects to create ambitious movie car chases that Michael Bay would be proud of, is finally making a triumphant return after being sadly absent in the last instalment, Driver: Parallel Lines. Add to this the confirmation of both split-screen and online multiplayer, and I am now feeling very giddy with excitement indeed.

The Wheelman is back. Or at least he will be this fall.

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