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While we are all celebrating the belated confirmation of Gran Turismo 5‘s release date, it’s time to analyse the fine details of the latest trailer shown at Sony’s conference.

Me being me, the first thing I noticed were the shots from 00:59, which clearly featured the prestigious Top Gear test track complete with authentic camera angles lifted from the BBC show. Look closely however, and you will notice that his Holiness the Stig is behind the wheel in many of the shots – could this mean we can fulfill our motoring fantasies of being the very being whose genitals are upside down and who once punched a horse to the ground? F1 racing driver Sebastian Vettel can also be seen recording voice samples.

In addition, some beautiful night time shots were in ready supply, and we were also treated to another glimpse of the touted damage modelling. A Mitsubishi Evo X is seen to lose control and veer into a tyre wall, which crucially results in the car going airborne, indicating that rollovers might indeed be possible.

Revel in the excitement and see it all for yourself in the Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 trailer after the break.

  1. avatar sdfsdf

    i swear i thought 1:00 was real life, thats never happened to me before

  2. avatar headtracking?

    Where in the world in the headtracking in the the game? I thought you were going to be able to do headtracking around the cockpit with the ps-eye. I hope they didnt take that out!!!.

  3. avatar Mohit

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Roth you did not just diss Wall-E and call a part of it awful. Oh well i suppose if that’s your opoinin.I flat out disagree to a point where you couldn’t be more wrong unless you think snorting cocaine while pregnant is a great idea but I’m going off on a tangent here. Pixar and the prospect of Toy Story 4. I don’t like the idea but it’s seems likely. However at the same time, such is the phenomenon, legacy and respect with Toy Story they won’t make Toy Story 4 unless they know they can do it properly. And this is the only franchise with possible exception of Jackson’s Hobbit and LotR movies that commands that level of care.

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