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The graphical achievements Crytek Studios reached with the original Crysis was set so high, that it became the benchmark for all games and technology to be tested and compared to.  The game went on to receive many praises for its high energy and pristine beauty.  Essentially, it became a question of how Crytek could top itself with its next installment.

After roughly three years, Crysis 2 is nearly upon us.  And after witnessing a live, hands-off extended demonstration, I can safely say that its graphical achievements don’t dissapoint.  But it gets even better, the same energy has been taken to the next level.

Although its graphical display is stunning and the gameplay is exciting to watch, it did have a few small hiccups.

Right off the bat, it’s fairly difficult to lambast a game based on 15 minutes of gameplay, especially one as highly regarded as Crysis 2.  And while I mentioned a few small hiccups, overall, my mind has been blown.

The war has been taken from the jungles to the streets of NY.  The city has become a war zone and the alien infestation is beginning to take over.

The way EA’s demonstration is designed showcases two different styles of play: the hunter and the hunted.  The one we all saw in the press conference is the latter while the one exclusive to E3 attendees is the former.

The demonstration starts off on one of New York City’s many bridges, and its the player’s goal to reach each of his destinations.  How he gets there is completely up to the player, and it’s reminiscent of how the first game was played – a bit of a sandbox style.

As the player fights through the handful of enemies, his objective lead him to a quasi-boss where he can use various means to take it down.

In the demonstration, the host tried to strap C4 to the hood of a car, use his  strength ability to kick the car into the boss, and blow everything up using a remote detonator.  Needless to say, his kick reminded me Clint Dempsey’s goal against England, but not with the same result.

Ultimately, he got fed up, picked up a rocket launcher and blew the boss to smithereens.

Overall, most of the gameplay was very smooth with an occasional skip here and there.  Much of that is easily overlooked and the viewer really has to be looking for it to be noticeable.  Likewise, the game brings back the same fast-paced free flowing energy that the original delivered.

  1. Not sold yet on Crysis 2, but the engine will be freaking beautiful.

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