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Today at Microsoft’s press conference, the new 360 slim was unveiled, and its price is on target with its predecessor.  At $299, 360 enthusiasts will see a slimmer version, a 250 gigabyte hard drive, and built-in wireless. 

While the pricing of Microsoft’s Kinect is still unknown, gamers will undoutedly see it bundled with the new slim when Kinect is released on November 4th. Full details of the bundle with be forthcoming.

The new slim will be shipping out today and will be available at most major retail stores later this week. In addition, a $50 price cut will be applied to existing Xboxes, perhaps in an effort to phase them out. The Arcade version will now be sold for the very competitive price of $149, while the Pro will now be $199.



  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    Just as I expected. Microsoft had no choice but to update their console yet again. I’m sure this slim model will be made more powerful than its predecessor in order to compete with PS3 on the long run.

  2. That’s a ridiculously sexy design.

  3. I’m not surprised with the announcement, but I’m pretty damn surprised that they’re ready this soon. I expected them to ship with Kinect.

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