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Following on from last week’s teaser trailer, a brand new trailer for the upcoming Killzone 3 has surfaced, only this time it features true gameplay footage.

Taken from the “Frozen Shores” mission, the video showcases the brutal melee system that was hinted at in the teaser trailer, along with some new pieces of kit including a Helghast jetpack and WASP missile launcher.

It all looks very slick indeed, and should hopefully live up to its predecessor. Stay tuned for next week’s Sony E3 conference where more details are likely to emerge.

Source: PlayStation Blog

  1. avatar Ruperto

    If anyone else neotcid, except at the race start the performance was only poor on GT5 when racing in bumper view. At race start the screen tear percent increased and then after it hit about :20 it started reducing and didn’t increase from that point. It did some at a later time but very little.Once going into bumper view it stayed around being a consistent 50fps. While it may or may not have made a difference, I really don’t know, but the speedometer also remains on screen in bumper mode on GT5.Regardless. 60fps behind the car and bumper view being a consistent 50-52. It’s not poor performance by any means and it’s not noticeable.The car however wasn’t premium on GT5 so we didn’t get to see it in the cockpit view. Who knows, maybe that works better.Anyways. I agree with other people. Forza 3 is close visually to GT5. The fact that GT5 is the second longest developed game in existence, right behind Duke Nukem Forever, I expected much much more out of the game, even if I wasn’t planning on picking it up. How overhyped the game was is really what killed it and I’m sure it’s a great game. I’ve heard the online runs extremely well also and that’s with 16 person multiplayer races.The main reason why so much time was put into it was that the premium cars had to be perfect, and that’s going towards the end of playing a game for graphics and not gameplay, even if the gameplay is supposedly exceptional as a real life driving simulator.One thing about Sony is their bigger developers they let them put as much time and money that they think is needed into a game, and that’s always cool.Last thing. Test Drive Unlimited 2 H2H Lens of Truth? Comes out in February.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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