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Developer Twisted Pixel is no stranger to giving freebies to their loyal fans and their latest announcement is tantalizing as well. For those of you who don’t know, their newest game in development is Comic Jumper, which sees an eccentric super hero jumping through several stylized comics to save the day.

In true indie fashion, the devs have decided to include a free DLC package for ‘Splosion Man for fans who purchase Comic Jumper, including both a multiplayer level and a single player level for fans to explore.

The Twisted Pixel team has been in a flurry on Twitter answering questions about the update, with some of the more juicy details coming in the form of tweets. When asked whether or not ‘Splosion Man would have a cameo in Comic Jumper as The Maw did in ‘Splosion Man, a dev member had this to say:

@mrwilford: We like cameos. =) Just sayin’. RT @Davicams Does this mean Splosion man may have a cameo in Comic Jumper like the Maw did in his game? :)

It’s likely we’ll see avatar awards in Comic Jumper as well, so stay tuned. Twisted Pixel will have a booth at E3, so if you are planning on attending, stop by to see how the game is coming along!

  1. Best news I’ve heard all day. :) Really looking forward to this one, with or without free DLC. But the free DLC certainly doesn’t hurt.

  2. I like the way Twisted Pixel does business. Wasn’t a big fan of ‘Splosion Man, but The Maw was excellent.

    They really have a knack for taking care of their fan base – love all the plushies and things they have on offer for folks who like their characters.

  3. Sounds like a modern-day Comix Zone, which can’t be bad!

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