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I wish all of you readers could be with us on the showfloor – but since you can’t, here’s the next best thing: random photos!

If you so choose, feel free to flip through some of the more colorful pictures we took while covering the event.

Natal – Chillin’

Dawww – Curtis and I share a moment with Sonic

Here’s a close up of Natal’s scanning technology – that’s me on the right, looking terrified of Curtis

This man needs no introduction

SEGA’s Vanquish had the coolest booth – it’s set up exactly like Bayonetta’s last year: same location

Yes this is a real game. If Bear was signing autographs at the booth, I would have been all over it, but I’m not even sure he’s aware this exists

Dead Rising 2 had one of the best booths in show

Sadly this wasn’t playable to anyone but the top outlets, but I was able to snap a quick pic

Not only is this gold based on the Elaine “kicks”, but the dude in the middle is staring RIGHT at me

This guy was classier than the Monopoly Man – and looks like Dax Shepard

This was easily the coolest picture I took at E3

  1. Now I’m gonna be losing sleep over that little bottle of NOS abandoned between Pac-Mans feet.

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