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If you like Dragon Ball Z esque action, and don’t like the licensed Namco Bandai Dragon Ball games, you’re pretty much out of luck: that is, provided you haven’t heard of Caster yet. Mike Smith, programmer for Hidden Path Entertainment, created Caster as a side project of sorts, and it really took off. The trailer really shows it all, but the game centers around running really fast, kicking bug ass, and shooting psychic beams to a high intensity soundtrack.

Truth be told I’m generally not very interested in Indie Games (there are just too many to follow), but I was sold immediately by the trailer, and rave reviews across the interwebs. Caster is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux: you can grab the demo here and see if its worth the $4.99. You can also buy the iPhone version for $2.99 (which I just did). Hell, I’d buy that song for $2.99.

  1. This game was included in the Pay What You Want bundle a few weeks ago that I made a post about. It’s a great game and is definitely worth the attention.

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