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Alan Wake took a step into new territory by offering a psychological thriller bordering on, dare I say, art.. but it’s not going in any new direction with its DLC. You can expect to plop down 560 points ($7) per DLC according to Joystiq.

If you purchased the game new and saved the token that came with it, you will be able to get the first piece of downloadable content entitled “The Signal” for free on July 28th.

The second piece of downloadable content will be called “The Writer” and there is no scheduled release date for it. ¬†Remedy doesn’t mention any plans for DLC beyond this, but I would imagine if these two packs are successful, the story will continue.

  1. The trend for $5-7 DLC is that it’s generally an hour – which I don’t particularly like.

    • Yep, I believe the DLC for Alan Wake is planned to be about 90 minutes a piece, which, while longer than an hour you really have to think.. all that running around in the woods for $7 more? I hope Remedy does something different with the DLC.

    • They’ve been saying 90 minutes, but it will probably boil down to an hour of gameplay and a half hour searching the grounds.

      Part of me wishes I didn’t gamefly this, just because I loved the story so damn much. I may gamefly it again come late July, but I find it hard to justify spending 7 bucks on a game I’m only renting to play the DLC.

    • Hopefully publishers won’t follow this episodic model, that happened to work for Molyneux and Fable 2.

      I can see developers stringing along “Episode 1″ for $15 on release day, then having to wait another week for 2, 3, and so on, as they slowly patch it – then eventually you’re spending $65 or more on a game you could have gotten in it’s completion in physical disc form.

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