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Recent figures unearthed by Newzoo – specialists in tracking video game statistics – suggest that almost a third of gamers don’t pay for games. Apparently, 30% of us never pay to play, a figure which applies to all platforms, whether PC, mobile, handheld or, perhaps most surprisingly, console.

According to Newzoo, the freebie-loving gamers amongst us are getting their digital fix by taking advantage of cost-free methods, such as borrowing games from friends, enjoying ‘Lite’ versions of apps, demos and the multitude of free games on sites like Facebook.

Although it would be easy to blame the tight purse strings on the recession, Newzoo informs us that the trend began long before the economy bit the dust, accrediting the freeloading to the growth of online gaming (and subsequently to online game trials), which now generates a third of US games revenue.

Personally, I find the figures a little dubious, however – obviously the world of PC gaming is heavily affected by online games, as well as the ease of downloading and cracking software, but surely the percentage would not be the same for console users, and the same goes for the casual iPhone gamer?

Source: Yahoo

  1. Interesting, but I suppose not at all surprising considering the way the videogame market is going these days.

  2. That’s believable. I’m somewhat curious about how much unauthorized use of software contributes to that, though, this figure sounds like it only includes the examples you included above.

  3. They didn’t expect games to last long enough for them to be passed around amongst ones peers. Anyone ever just given away a game?

  4. avatar Doughboy

    I would imagine console piracy is bigger right now. Yes PC piracy is easy. But with custom firmware and mod chips it isn’t hard for people to pirate the console side anymore. As a whole more games are also produced console side versus pc right now, taking into account handhelds also.

  5. I imagine that this is probably true. I know that I haven’t even touched most of the demos freely available on PSN because I’m playing other games, but I can well imagine that many people spend a lot of time with things like Home and the demos if they are on a tight budget. When looking at PC gaming it’s even worse in terms of the number of free apps and games available. I know that for my iPad I have yet to buy a game and have quite a collection of free games.

    This seems valid… though I guess it depends on how “game” is defined. If it’s referencing simple puzzle games, point and click games, farmsville or things like “PSN Home” – then it’s quite believable.

  6. This just makes me think of all the friends/family members I have that come over and play my Wii. Dozens of people that have played Wii Sports, Rock Band, Mario Kart, Brawl that aren’t terribly into games but in a social setting will give it a go.

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