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If I had it my way, every shooter would feature four player coop at the very least, and not some hokey “mission based” coop (Sorry Uncharted 2: you were awesome, but that part was a let down). I’m talking about full on support for the entire campaign, Lost Planet 2 style.

I grew up playing intense coop Rainbow Six sessions, so I’m stoked to hear that not only the upcoming Gears of War 3 will have this option, but Black Ops will as well. I mean, if World at War’s zombie mode can feature it with little drop in framerate, we know it’s possible!

Is this enough to get you excited for the new Call of Duty? Or are you sick of the franchise, and/or Treyarch?

Source: Kotaku

  1. avatar Abe504

    Treyarch is Call of Duty to me, i preferred WAW over MW2 anyday. Blackops is shaping up to fix all of MW2 faults

  2. avatar Charlie Chaplin

    I have to admit, the whole “Modern Warfare” hysteria that his really threw me off the series. I liked WaW, but didn’t like Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops, however, has renewed my interest. Looks extremely interesting.

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