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Today word got out that the next installment in the Splinter Cell saga will be developed by Jade Raymond (of Assassin’s Creed fame) and her team at the newly created Ubisoft Toronto. Apparently Splinter Cell: Conviction producer Alexandre Parizeau, along with many other Ubisoft Montreal staff members, have moved to the new Toronto studio to help out.

While that team is hard at work making Sam Fisher even more badass, another team at Ubisoft Toronto will be working on an unannounced “triple-A” title.

When asked about these new projects, Raymond said, “It’s a really nice position to be in. Instead of starting a studio and working on small projects, Nintendo DS or portables, we’re starting out of the gate with triple-A only.”

What do you guys think? Does having a big name like Jade Raymond attached to a title make you more likely to buy it? Are you excited for another Splinter Cell? What kinds of things would you like to see from Sam Fisher and crew in the next installment? What about this “unannounced” title? Ubisoft never said that it was a new IP, so what do you think it might be? Let us know what you’re thinking by leaving a comment below.


  1. I hope it features Archer & Kestrel-like co-op as the main feature. Conviction co-op has been way too fun for it to be an addon like it was in the original.

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