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Indie pay whatever deals have run into problems recently with the miscommunication stirred up from the last deal, however the most recent set of indie games to feature this pricing scheme are very much legit. They are both being offered by their original creators and while they are not part of a bundle, it is worth checking out these titles if you enjoy platformer games.

The first of the two is the Lunar Pack bundle which contains two different games, including Wake and Lunneye Devisty. Both are platforming adventures with Wake focusing on the story of an engineer who must navigate a sinking ship in order to be rescued, and Lunneye Devisty the story of an alien who has fallen off of the moon and must find his way back. The Lunar Pack features 360 controller support, which makes them even more appealing for hardcore platformer lovers.

Caster is the second pay what you want deal and it features a unique third person running and gunning type game play with six different types of weapons and a wide variety of environments to explore. Both deals are pay what you want from now until May 31st, so you should snatch them up while they are available. Remember, these deals are run by the developers themselves, so all the proceeds go directly to the developers, instead of a third party taking 30% of the profits as was the case with the most recent failed pay whatever bundle.

  1. Glad you brought these to my attention, as I’d been checking out Caster on Steam, but wasn’t sure of the price for a game I wasn’t too familiar with. The pay-what-you-want model is great for games like this, because the developer benefits from whatever you choose to pay and you don’t have to feel like you’re taking a gamble on a game you might not like.

  2. Hmmmm… people need to stop posting stuff like this. I spend too much money as it is. How am I supposed to pass up sales!?

  3. avatar Zanza

    why too much money? u just need to spend 1 cent. not more.

  4. avatar Joice

    Just made these with some pears on the verge of being overripe. They were execnlelt! For sweet fruits, I’d probably leave out the sugar in the batter, but other than that, it worked great.

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