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Today publisher THQ announced that it has created a new program that allows “select” external developers and publishers to access THQ’s “global retail and online publishing network.” Dubbed “THQ Partners,” this new program seems to imitate Electronic Arts’ “EA Partners” program, which allows developers like Valve to publish retail copies of their games.

THQ Global Publishing executive VP Ian Curran stated: “THQ Partners is charged with maximizing the efficiencies of our global distribution network by enhancing our product offerings with quality games from developers and publishers who don’??t have the benefit of our extensive retail and online sales operations.”

Personally, I think this is a very smart move by THQ. EA has had huge success with its partnership program, and I expect similar results from THQ. Also, this move allows THQ to attach its name to more risky or unique titles without incurring the risk that comes with developing games like this.

What do you guys think? Is this a smart play by THQ? Do you think this will make a difference in the types of games THQ attaches its name to?


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