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Welcome to the weekly recap! Thanks to Google’s homepage, everyone knows that last friday was Pac-Man’s 30th birthday… so it’s very fitting that we have several retro games games reviewed this week. And what better week for an Atari 2600 inspired series like Bit.Trip to release its newest game Runner. And I just finished a Pac-Man drawing recently, so I’m even able to shamelessly self-promote my art stuffs with this week’s header!

But all these coincidences couldn’t have been on accident could they?

Are you frothing at the mouth for more info about and reviews of Alan Wake? Well, lucky for you, Michael took some time to write a very in-depth review for his blog.

I wish the Google homepage had a Pac-Man Homage on it everyday. Or maybe they could just rotate through different Atari games… a Google version of Dig Dug, for instance, would be fantastic. *hint-hint*

To accompany his interview with Gamerbase Gasglow, Grahame posted a slideshow of pics he took while there in his bloggy place. It looks fantastic, but I’d still probably just sit at home and game. You can be naked at home.

This week’s Failboat Poll pits Mario Vs. Luigi, and based on the turnout, I think it’s apparent that everyone agrees that Luigi is straightup pimptastic. So, take that Mario… you overweight, hack of a plumber.

Although Booster Trooper looked to be another amazing win for indie games, it seems to have fallen short somewhere along the way. Maybe jetpacks just aren’t as cool as we’d like to think.

Another retro-remake? That’s what Konami rolled out with a brand new Rocket Knight, and if you’re willing to take Jamie’s word for it, they did a fine job indeed. It’s also a good argument for jetpacks being just as cool as we always thought.

I’ve never heard of Anarchy: Rush Hour and based on Simon’s review, I think I’m gonna just purge it from my memory as soon as this recap is done with.

Unless you don’t have a PS3 or hate retro RPGs because your brains don’t work, there is no good reason not to play 3D Dot Game Heroes. And considering it’s brand new and only $40, you should be jumping all over it.

Few games made people as rabid and annoying as Dragon Age… so it’s no surprise that the DLC is still rolling out for it. However, it looks like Darkspawn Chronicles isn’t quite living up to the game’s stellar reputation.

The 2008 version of Prince of Persia wasn’t so great. So going back to the old style of games in The Forgotten Sands has to be a good idea right? (the answer was no, so you pretty much all fail.)

Grahame’s interview with Gamerbase over the return of arcade spirit completely blew me away… not just because its a good article, but because I’ve never been part of that sort of arcade/cafe culture. It just seems so foreign. Gaming to me has always been pretty solo endeavor.

Chris knows you wanna buy games without breaking the bank, and that’s why he wrote up a fantastic guide on how to save money on your games. Between his article and the fantastic comments, you should be savin’ dough in no time. And that means more money for snacks!

Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, The Forgotten Sands, and Starcraft 2… if that sounds like the makings of a winning podcast, you’d be correct. And it’s exactly what Limitcast Episode 41: Idle Workers is about.

Check it out, subscribe, vote it up… all that good stuff. Don’t make me wave my Jedi hand.

Thanks for checking in on yet another recap. Since the “Real Life PacMan” never gets old, I thought we’d go out on that this week. After all, who doesn’t love those retro sounds?!

Oh, and all you old school gamers… feel free to reminisce about your first time with PacMan in the comments. We won’t laugh at you for too long.

  1. I think the first time I played a full game of Pac-Man was … the day Google put it on their homepage. Yeah. You can laugh at me instead of the old-timers.

  2. I love the art – keep up the good work!

    I played Pac Man on the Atari 2600 when I was 3 or 4.

    • I’ve never played an actual Atari system. I just bought a controller and have a USB connector on its way to me… so I’m gonna emulate in style. Retro-goodness, GO!

  3. Thanks for the weekly recaps Mark. I love the header image. :-)

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