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Welcome to the Weekly Recap! Yes, it’s later in the day than usual, and yes I could use the holiday as an excuse, but the truth is that I got home from work, sat down, and read the entirety of Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis… then I put my head down on the desk and passed out for most of the day.

And now that I’ve woken up and gotten the horrible crick out of my neck, I thought it was about time to knock out this recap so you can take off your shirt, grab a cold beer, and go BBQ some delicious meat. That’s what this holiday is about right?

Graphics are a big deal to the modern gamer, but what we consider good matters to the context. Or does it?

Although it may have come out a while ago, Michael threw his two cents in on the PSP remake/port/version of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. And once again, I want it.

There’s a new teaser for Sonic Colours, and Failboat was all over it. The DS version is being done by Sonic Team and DIMPS… however the Wii version is just Sonic Team. Guess I know which version I’ll be getting *cough*DS*cough*

Once again proving that it will make a list of anything, IGN made a Top 100 Game Villains thingy and Michael posted some of the highlights for discussion in his blog.

If you’re into nerdy jRPG stuff, then go join Thomas and Jamie in discussing The Final Fantasy Legend port for the DS!!! I read it an hour ago and still have no idea what was going on.

Everyone that isn’t stupid loves retro gaming, and that’s why this week’s Failboat poll is about your favorite Retro Reboots.

With the dreaded Summer Lull already upon us, Thomas has enacted the right kind of plan to push through the downtime: start playing lengthy games to bide your time between releases. The lull isn’t really a problem for me though, cause I tend to buy games and never play them anyway.

Obsidian and Sega really seemed to drop the ball on the long overdue, and completely unanticipated, Alpha Protocol. Read the review and save yourself sixty-bucks and a ton of time.

Kart racing? Custom created cars, racers, and tracks? Tons of online stuff? Check, check, and check. What doesn’t ModNation Racers have going for it?… well, you could ask Martin. He wrote a whole review about it.

When I see things like UFC Undisputed 2010 I think of how simple boxers and pro wrestlers get with time and with each blow… and they have gloves and stuff to soften blows. I just can’t help but wonder how retarded the UFC fighters will be in their old age and then I can’t play it. But, lucky for you, Simon can! And did.

Wondering if Super Mario Galaxy 2 lives up to the hype of being the best platformer ever? Well, if you’re too lazy to read a whole review, the answer from Chris is a resounding “yes.” But you should probably click on to find out why.

As much as I tried to resist it, Sean’s review of Red Dead Redemption convinced me to pick it up. So far, I’m really glad I did that… read on and find out why you should too (as if everyone else hasn’t been playing it since launch).

Curious about whether Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition fixed any of the issues you had with the original release on Steam? Well I’m not gonna just tell you that here… go read the review you lazy bastard. Sheesh… I can’t do everything for you.

In Andrew’s new feature (aptly called “We Need To Talk”) he poses the question of whether/what Western games can learn from the JRPG and after a bit of Kauz-pontification, he hands the discussion over to you, the reader. As the first entry in this series, it’s had a fantastic response. If you haven’t gotten your two-cents in, I’d do that real quick like.

Asking a question like “what if all games were free?” may seem like a pointless thought exercise to some, but as Jamie shows, it can be a fun and interesting look at how our favorite, and most hated, game genres would change in order to adapt to the new landscape. Not only is the article well written, but the comments are pretty dang awesome, as well. Go get your thinking helmet and join the discussion!

That’s it for this recap. But before you get out there and party away the rest of Memorial Day, how about watching this completely unrelated video by Best Fwends. It’s fantastic.

Now just try to get that song out of your head.

  1. Thanks for the recap.

    Though honestly, I’m a little disappointed about the response my blogs have been getting. Obviously, Gamer Limit is a heck of a lot smaller than my old blog host, but still, I’m surprised when the only person who comments (twice in a row, BTW) is Mark. It makes it hard to tell if the community blogs aren’t read as often or if I’m just a dull writer. Hopefully not the latter.

  2. Thanks for the recaps Mark. As always, your header images continue to kick ass.

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