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Welcome to the Weekly Recap. This week, I learned just how hard it is to write or read anything while listening to Dio. It’s not that the lyrics are necessarily so demanding that you have to drop everything and listen… it’s that you want to scream the lyrics with him while slamming your head about hard enough to snap your neighbors neck just by sheer awesome.

And although it’s sad to see such a legend go, I say we should celebrate his life by crankin up the volume and rocking out like he so clearly did throughout his life. But you should probably read this recap first. There’s some really good stuff that you may have missed this past week, and starting in on the Dio now would consume your whole morning.

In a game you’d expect to be full of idiots spewing profanity, we have a strange story of civility. Hopefully it’s a trend that continues (but I seriously doubt it).

If you’re looking for a difficult RPG that will make you grind to get anywhere, Eschalon: Book I (and II) might just be your cup of tea. It’s definitely not for me, though… I’ll stick with coffee.

Peter reflected on the progress he and his blog have made since he started writing Consoleation two years ago! Drop by and hear what he has to say and speak up with your comments and congrats.

Still trying to decide whether to buy Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening? Why not see what Michael has to say about it before throwing down your fliff like a sultan.

Has the lack of coop in recent games bummed you out? Don’t lie to me. You know it has.

The summer release schedule looks pretty dull to me… Thankfully, there’s a new Harvest Moon scheduled for the DS this here summer. I know you probably think I’m being sarcastic, but I love this series way too much.

I know nothing about fighting games, but apparently BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is pretty dang good. It looks cool. That’s a plus, right?

In response to the EA Online Pass, Peter sounded off about it in two posts: For Ransom and it’s followup, inspired by commenters, NeoGAFfes. Both worth a look/comment, especially if you’ve got opinions about the situation (and I’m guessing you do).

Is there a Castlevania movie in the works? Probably… vampires are all the rage these days.

I am pretty dang addicted to Monster Hunter Tri and Thomas’ review is fantastic. If you’re still on the fence about getting it, you should most definitely check out Thomas’ review of it. And then go buy it and play with me.

Although I’m pretty sure that the first I’ve heard about Resonance of Fate was in reading this review, it looks kinda neat. Maybe I just  haven’t been paying attention… again.

If  you’ve been missing the good old days of 2D RPGs and slow, turn-based combat, then Breath of Death VII: The Beginning is probably right up your ally. Especially cause you’ll probably catch all the subtle references and RPG humor.

I don’t know what the hell Nier is about, even after reading a ton about it, and with scores/reviews like this one, I don’t think I’ll be finding out about it from first hand experience anytime soon.

Thanks for stopping in as always. Now, I leave you with a fantastic little clip of South Park, featuring the music of Ronnie James Dio, of course.

Long live, Dio.

  1. I was really surprised at how many people had never heard of Dio…which is sad.

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