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Welcome to the recap. As I write this I sit here in clothes I haven’t worn in ages because Andrew never reminded me to do laundry even though he said he would be my laundry alarm clock on twitter. What a jerk, right?

Anyway… it’s been an excellent week here, especially on the community side of things. Lots of blogs, some new GL members making their first big posts for the site, its all so exciting. So let’s not waste any more time with this intro… after all, I’ve gotta move my laundry from the washer to the dryer pretty soon.

And on a side note… I have permanent dibs on Roshanda in L4D2. So just freakin deal with it, Timmy Walnuts.

Failboat feels alone because everyone else is excited for SMG2. Well I got news for ya… you probably are alone. SMG2 is gonna rule.

I did some more art stuffs this week. Recapping my own posts seems weird so I’ll move on.

GameGuyPeter eulogized Game Crazy (1999 – 2010), a store I’ve never been in and frankly never even seen. Maybe I need to get out more…

Our resident Indie-Gamer, Ashley, wrote up a fantastic blog about some Indielicious Shoot ‘em ups. They’re all on the XBLA’s Indie section and I think they’re all on Steam too. Beat Hazard is on Steam for sure… I know that cause I’ve been playing it way too much.

Thomas has exploded onto the site with an introduction blog. Drop by and make him feel welcome.

Peter gives Tecmo Bowl Throwback (XBLA) a good looking over for our benefit. Since I played one sport game in my life and found it to be boring, I shouldn’t try to explain it. Just clicky the linky and read it for…uh, yourselfy…

Failboat’s weekly poll was about downloadable content this past week and only a few people dropped their opinions on it. Go make your voice heard so we can tell you how wrong you are.

With the violent videogame controversy going on in California, Peter’s blog, Passive Violence, should be made mandatory reading to anyone about to comment on the issue (and all those like it).

Although the XLBA version was already reviewed for GL, Ashley checked out the Steam version of The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom for ya. How nice of her!

Paul has been enjoying Nier. Kevin and Chris argued about it in the comments. There’s a weird video to go along with that. I still have no clue what the game is about. Good times.

First, Chase’s 360 bit the dust. Then my Wii died the next week. And now Peter’s PS3 kicked the bucket. I think there’s some sort of conspiracy going on here. It’s time to light our torches and march on… where ever these things are made.

Few things make me jealous of iDevice owners, but Zeth’s review of Angry Birds just about did that. So I grabbed a beer and began the process of blacking out my recollection of his review immediately.

Since I hadn’t played L4D2 before The Passing was released, I just have Curtis’ word as for how good it is compared to the rest. I’ve been impressed with all of it though. It may not be much more than an expansion pack for the first game, but it’s a damn good one.

Josh has been wondering whether originality in gaming is dead. I would answer with a firm and resounding “no,” but it would also have to be supplemented with something about big studios not being able to chance “original games” as often as they used to because of development costs. How about you?

Is it time for an Xbox Live pricing change? Oh, wait… what’s that noise? I think it’s the laughter of Microsoft rolling over the hills from Redmond. I’m guessing that would be a no, to answer your question, Jason.

That’s it for this week. In case you’re wondering where the podcast was, Josh had his birthday celebrations this weekend and three of the four podcasters were in Iowa partying. So it will probably be late this week. And I’m guessing last week’s will be up in no time (won’t it josh?).

I don’t have a vid for ya this week, but you should definitely check out the best fan game I’ve ever played. If you haven’t messed with it yet, prepare to have your freetime destroyed for the day. Maybe you should wait to play it until tomorrow and call in sick tonight.

  1. I wanna talk to Roshanda.

  2. Wha-wha-what?! SMG2 is going to absolutely rock the house! The music in the original actually brought a tear to my eye – here’s hoping the sequel is just as epic!

    Too…excited…gahhhh *melts*

  3. Awesome recap as always.

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