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Nintendo have just announced that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will come bundled with a tutorial DVD that will help familiarize players with the Mario universe. While the game is relatively self explanatory, it will serve as a beginner’s guide for more inexperienced players (aka the casual demographic), covering a wide array of control quirks and gameplay mechanics. Oh Nintendo, please stop spoiling us.

It is also interesting to note that the Wii is incompatible with the DVD format, which begs the question: why? Not to sound ungrateful, but couldn’t they have included the tutorial in the actual game itself like in New Mario Bros. Wii? Never mind.

The game, despite looking very similar to its predecessor, promises to include 95% brand spanking new features, ensuring fans that it is merely a rehash. As long as they keep the orchestral score in tact, everything will be a-ok. Oh, and Cloud Mario looks pretty awesome, too.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set to be released on May 23rd in the US and June 11th in Europe.

  1. Can’t wait… but packing something in with your game that necessitates another device (which you don’t make) seems weird. Sure, everyone has a computer or dvd player, but why not include a second Wii disc or something instead?

  2. I agree, however I really don’t think there’s any need to include a tutorial DVD to be honest! They could have either included it in-game or just make sure that the learning curve is properly realised at the start of the game.

    Or maybe just a good old fashioned, well written manual? I don’t know O_o

    • I wonder if the manual or the dvd is cheaper to include…

    • Hmmm, good question. Perhaps the latter is cheaper, but when taking everything into consideration, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There’s a tutorial at the start anyway (check IGN for new footage by the way!) and to be honest you would have to be flat out stupid not to understand the gameplay mechanics.

      I was brought up with games like Mega Man and Kickle Cubicle dammit! Kids these days need to figure things out on their own!

      So psyched for the game by the way. Mario rules the world.

  3. Very few people have made the realization that Mario is a pyromancer.

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