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Very little information has been released to date about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, aside from being an action RPG on the PlayStation 3.  However, it may not remain exclusive to Sony’s platform.

In a question and answer session for investors, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada noted of a possible Xbox 360 release for Versus, “We’ll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement.”

As of now there’s no word whether Versus is even being shown at E3 2010, though Square-Enix notably once used E3 to reveal that the then-PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII would see a release on the Xbox 360 as well.


  1. Given that it’s a project by Tetsuya Nomura – the genius behind Kingdom Hearts – I’m probably not going to give this game a whirl.

    I’m still really interested in Agito, though.

  2. avatar A Person

    L2get a PS3 pls…. no seriously…….

  3. avatar Rigoberto

    / :B I’m so excited. I LOVE THE LOOK OF THIS COMBAT SYSTEM AHH! Although I resneted FFX-2, I really enjoyed the easy-flow of combat and same goes for how this looks.(Although I wish the background music wasn’t so loud. I couldn’t hear the dialogue)And that the Cid in this game looks pretty cool.And the new Sephiroth-like villain is pretty hot. Oh geez, there I go.From what I can see so far, I think I really like the comradery they all seem to have with each other. Y’know how in most games, it’s always the lone wolf and how you’re alienated or everyone’s a stranger and they kind of get along ’cause of their own plans? That’s why I always liked FF7, because those characters really toughed it out and cared for one another once they had the same goal.

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