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No, no. I know what you’re thinking. “Revenge of the Titans? How could they make Wrath of the Titans any worse!” Of course you’re sad you wasted $24.50 for tickets and a box of popcorn to see such a crappy movie, so how would you feel about paying $13.37 for a completely AWESOME game that bears a similar name to a crappy move? Elite? I thought so.

Revenge of the Titans is an RTS/Tower Defense style game currently being developed by Puppy Games, an independent development studio. The game features a huge research and development aspect and the humor of the game is what you would expect to find in a game developed by Behemoth, or Team Meat. Set in the future in which an alien race known as the Titans are attacking earth, you must plant your guns strategically in order to fend them off.

The price of $13.37 is only good for the pre-order period and there are no details as to when this period will end, so if you’re intrigued by the gameplay, you might want to snap this one up now, as it will cost $27.72 when it is released, which seems rather steep for an indie game with only five levels. The current demo that is available on the website features two of the five levels you will see in the final game and new worlds will be released every month until the game is finished for those who take advantage of the pre-order offer.

  1. Make it Teen Titans then I’ll be interested.

  2. avatar ForumTroll

    Fail to you two… :)

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