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Well this is a pretty big shocker: the classic Prince of Persia, the one that started it all, is now on sale on the iTunes marketplace for $0.99. I know a heap of retro gaming fans that will want to jump on this one as soon as possible – especially since it’s a universal iPhone and iPad app!

I was able to play a bit of the game, and I’m actually quite impressed. I can see the controls getting a bit sticky later in the game, but as it stands, I was able to beat the first level without dying. Compliments of Touch Arcade, there are actually nine forum pages worth of impressions if you want some insight into the controls. Keep in mind this is the classic version of the game, not the (what some would consider superior) SNES remake.

Buy the game here

  1. Awesome! I have just gotta have it.. still thing PoP 2 is the best in the series though ;)

    Bet the touch interface sucks but I still have to have it!

    • It’s actually serviceable, provided you’re used to touch interfaces.

    • avatar Dauren

      Regarding all this:1) Cinemascore shows audnciees gave the film an A-. That’s an audnciee response to a film, not a critic’s response, and you’d be crazy to think that critics weren’t WAITING to trash this film. However, top critics like Roger Ebert, Rolling Stone and Variety all gave it good reviews. Even Entertainment Weekly gave it a B-. (Having seen Cars 2 this weekend, I have to say–disappointed because I expected more from Pixar, but it was still a fun film. It just didn’t feel like a Pixar movie.)2) Just because Tom Hanks makes a mention of a possible 4th film doesn’t make it true. Until I hear it from Pixar, I won’t believe it. And yes, I agree with Anon–the idea of a 4th Toy Story sounds like an even worse idea than “Cars 2.”3)BRAVE is going to be an amazing movie. The trailer, short as it is, has more heart and excitement in it than the full running time of “Cars 2.” BRAVE will be great, and hopefully, redeem a bit of Pixar’s cache.4) Have you ever heard a studio say, “Well, sorry you hated our movie.” Warner Bros. hasn’t apologized for the disaster that is “Green Lantern,” and has even greenlighted a sequel. Even if it’s a mess–which “Cars 2″ is not–there’s no way they’re going to do what you expect them to. They didn’t even do that after the disaster that was “Mars Needs Moms.”"Cars 2″ may not have been what we wanted from Pixar, but a perfect run from ANY studio is tough to achieve–however, my kids, all 4 of them, absolutely ADORED “Cars 2.”Which, I think, is what it’s ultimately about…

  2. avatar Nobody

    This isn’t the classic version, it is the sequel. You can get the classic version for FREE from any number of abandonware sites.

    • No it is the classic one as the 2nd looked a lot different – trust me I was there when it came out first ;) This has just had the graphics touched up is all ;)

    • The sequel started off with you running after a ship taking off from a dock.

      The first one starts with you inside a prison. Like the one I announced in this article :D

    • avatar Yaz

      Audiences who recognise Pixar may well give them a break after their prvuoies form. So Cars 2 shouldn’t cause a major dip on Brave.If the problem was Toy Story 3 then fans would be way more upset. So I’d say unless there are more people hiding that really didn’t like TS3 then Cars 2 shouldn’t hinder Brave too badly.Afterall Brave is coming off the heels of Tangled which was a girl focused, actiony, princess movie, which shares the Disney name.Audiences may also be receptive if they may get a How to Train your Dragon vibe – in relation to the sweeping landscapes.In all Brave looks lovely so far – after all, all we have is some beautiful images to look at so far. No story yet to judge.

    • avatar Aldana

      Super-staticky carpet cveored shoes. Whenever she touches someone she shocks them. Hmm that was silly but maybe is there a way to show static electricity? I used to have this extremely staticky comforter that if I turned the lights out and ran my hand over, I could actually see the sparks as little flashes and crackles of light. Can we find a material that would do this?

  3. avatar Chris

    Actually, you’re both wrong – the original version looked like this:

    It’s just had a makeover.

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