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So check this bombshell out: I didn’t really like Lost Planet 1. I thought it was fairly bland, every level felt the same, and the multiplayer component was lacking. But if the coverage of Lost Planet 2 is to be believed, the upcoming sequel will fix all of those problems, and feature ridiculous cross-overs the likes of the world has never seen before.

In other words, Lost Planet 2, over the course of a few months, has changed from a “possible price drop pickup” to a “must buy” for me. Just watch the video, and make sure to stay until the end for an epic boss battle.

  1. Interesting. I have the first game thanks to a wicked Steam sale, but never installed it. Guess I’ll have to do that before the sequel comes out.

  2. AMAZING! the auto aim looks to be the best ever, that last boss scene was rather reminiscent to Monster Hunter, and the graphics are quite gorgeous for a Capcom game.

  3. avatar GTRrocker

    This game is getting bad reviews. I have found 2 good reviews and am still buying it because I loved the demos so much. I hope people aren’t going to be sheep and make up their own minds. THis game looks great. If it is as good as the demos (which it will be cos they are over a year old) I will be happy.

  4. avatar Dirk

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