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Today new digital distributor Green Man Gaming has officially launched its service offering gamers an option never seen before in the realm of downloadable titles: a trade-in feature.

Green Man Gaming’s big selling point is that games bought through the site can be traded back in for store credit. To give you an idea how this works, the game VVVVVV is currently for sale at £8.99. If you were to purchase this and decide it’s not for you, you can sell it back for £4.99 of credit at Green Man.

It is important to note that Green Man requires you to download its own client which uses SecuROM to activate and deactivate games. The client, called “Capsule”, is required to download and install any game you purchase from Green Man, however it is not required to launch the games you buy.

So far, Green Man has 89 titles currently available, all listed in British pounds for the time being. COO of Green Man, Gian Luzio, says they these 89 are only a “small selection” of what’s to come. Apparently, Green Man has partnered with “over 26 publishers”. According to Luzio, “over the next few days” more titles will be added to the site.

Because the service just launched, Green Man is hosting a pretty radical sale. For a mere British penny you can purchase World of Goo, Uplink, Darwinia, NecroVisioN: Lost Company or High School Dreams.

Personally, I’m a tad bit hesitant about purchasing from Green Man, mainly because of the use of pounds. As an American, I tend to like to deal in dollars; it’s just what I know. Hopefully Green Man will get some conversions up so I can try it out and give you guys a full report.

What do you guys think? Will Green Man be able to carve out a niche in the market because of this trade-back feature? Do you think Green Man will be able to compete with powerhouses like Steam and Impulse?


  1. I don’t know if it could help them compete financially, but I hope it does! If the trade-in function proves to be useful, maybe other platforms will implement it. I’d happily buy more games off Steam if I knew I could recover some of the cost of a less-than-entertaining choice.

  2. Love the headline image.

  3. I’ll also be interested to see how this takes off after monetary conversions are implemented.

  4. Interesting… but it will take a lot to pull me away from Steam.

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