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By now, we’ve all grown tired of the classic game cliché of shooting down hapless helicopters, but it’s rare we get to experience it in a racing game. This is set to change however, as Disney Interactive have revealed two new game modes entitled Air Attack and Air Revenge in the run up to the release of Split/Second: Velocity.

Air Strike has you hurtling around the track whilst avoiding an onslaught of missiles from an overhead attack helicopter. You are granted three lives and it’s essentially a game of survival, meaning the longer you survive intact the more points you will accumulate. Air Revenge ups the ante by replacing points with power, allowing you to will jam the pesky chopper’s targeting system and send it crashing down in an orgy of explosions and devastation.

From the video posted above, it all looks like tremendous fun and will hopefully be a worthy addition to the game’s arsenal when it comes crash landing on May 18th in the US and May 21st in Europe.

  1. I really WANT to like Split/Second as I;m a HUGE burnout fan but I just can’t get in to it. I much preferred the inferior looking Blur tbh. That was some awesome online fun ;)

  2. Just so long as the garden gnome stays in the car this time!

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