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Gaming icon Shigeru Miyamoto has recently confirmed that the latest installment in the prestigious Legend of Zelda franchise will be “easier to play,” perhaps suggesting a more streamlined approach for Nintendo’s flagship series.

In an interview with Gaming Media, Miyamoto states that Nintendo is “creating a new way to play the game” – this harks back to what Eiji Aonuma said last year concerning that the series seems to follow “the same structure again and again.” Supposedly, the gameplay mechanics will undergo a more “hands on” approach due to the title utilising the Wii Motion Plus peripheral.

It could be argued that Nintendo has been somewhat reluctant to cater toward the “hardcore” market this generation (namely due to the lukewarm reception Nintendo received with the Gamecube); however, after seeing the likes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, I still have the utmost faith in the project and the company as a whole.


  1. Metroid: Other M = why I haven’t sold my Wii

  2. The best Zelda games I’ve played recently were Darksiders and 3D Dot Game Heroes. The former was what Zelda wishes it could be and the latter went back and improved upon the classics. Maybe its time Nintendo pull their head out of their asses and pay attention to their competition.

  3. I haven’t played 3D Dot Heroes yet, looks awesome! And yeah, to be honest Nintendo need to make sure that this game is as epic Mario Galaxy – they need credible voice acting, an orchestrated musical score and an incredibly vast overworld for gamers to get lost in.

    I really hope the game isn’t dumbed down for the more casual gamer. Don’t let me down Nintendo…

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