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Sony really are terrible at keeping secrets.  Maybe it’s just indicative of distributed journalism with the advent of specialist blogs (like the one you are reading in fact).  Either way Sony just seem to be unable to keep any secret under it’s proverbial hat for very long.

Over the past month or so more than a few rumours have been circling about the existence of Killzone 3, the sequel to the 2009 Playstation 3 exclusive.

Now a sequel to Killzone 2 was inevitable and it looks like the pressure finally got to Sony and they went  formal release crazy over the weekend and yesterday (the full press release is at the end of this post).

Well as soon as the news broke everyone was throwing around guessed release dates and supposed feature sets.  Well it looks like, from a CVG source close to game developer Guerilla, that Sony is aiming for a May 2011 release date for the shooter.   This seems the most logical release date due to the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops and the Medal of Honour reboot will be slugging it out in October and November this year.

The update will feature 2D as well as 3D stereoscopic visuals, maps up to ten time larger than those found in Killzone 2, two and four player co-op and will pick up immediately after the (boss fight frustrating!) end of Killzone 2.

Formal press release follows:

The Helghast are back. Killzone 3 announced for PlayStation 3

The war is far from won. Get ready for an epic battle against the deadliest enemies on PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed the return of its iconic first person shooter, Killzone, to PlayStation 3. Bringing back the trademark ferocious action on a grand scale, Killzone 3 is an explosive cinematic experience more intense than ever before. Loaded with more vehicles, explosive high powered weapons and a vicious close-combat system, resume the fight against a remorseless Helghast Army of colossal proportions. This is David vs. Goliath…if Goliath had thousands of troops and a thermonuclear arsenal.

The story begins where Killzone 2 left off, with Visari, the vicious Helghast dictator, lying dead at the feet of Special Forces soldiers Sev and Rico. The battle may have been won but the war is far from over. Visari’s death has left behind a world of political scheming, infighting and outright murder. Meanwhile his parting gift, a nuclear bomb detonated in Phyruss, the Helghan Capital, has decimated the ISA invasion force. With no re-enforcements and supplies quickly running out, you must now fight against ruthless Helghast war machine alone.

An epic cinematic war experience

With levels ten times bigger than in Killzone 2, this is Helghan like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll face brutal combat in a host of environments that threaten to bury you on the deadly planet. Killzone 3 will see you trudge through toxic nuclear wastelands, get lost in a lethal alien jungle, fight in bitter arctic conditions and take the battle into space as you fight against Helghast domination – with every location featuring a distinct gameplay style for you to master.

Be at the centre of the action

Killzone 3 will be fully playable in Stereoscopic 3D, immersing you more deeply into the ferocious world and putting you at the heart of the action. But be careful. While you experience this world in incredible, High Definition, Stereoscopic 3D detail – you’ll learn to fear what’s around every single corner.

Take on an even more vicious Helghast army

The Helghast are back and they’re bigger and fiercer than you’ve ever seen them. From Jetpack troopers to enemies wielding portable weapons of mass destruction, your enemies will be tougher, scarier and equipped with a host of new toys in their quest for destruction.

  1. I waited for a pricedrop to get Killzone2 because the first game didn’t wow me, but it would have been worth full price at release. Killzone3 is going on my preorder list as soon as its available. Cannot wait.

  2. I really hope this game is on display at E3, hopefully in 3-D. I would love to see what a high production value game looks like in 3-D, to see if it really brings anything to the gameplay experience.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    @Mark – Killzone, Killzone : Liberation & Killzone 2 were allpre-orders for me and none really disappointed (despite the hype & backlashKZ1 got it was an ok game ). I will be adding KZ3 to that list too!

    @Shawn – it will be interesting to see how it all copes. The only thing I’ve seen running so far us the Nvidia tech and Avatar: The game ;) Colour me unimpressed by the latter!

  4. avatar Florine Ollis

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