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Our correspondents are all stocked up with laptops, free wifi, mics, cameras and probably far too much red bull. They’re ready and rearing to hit the floor and start reporting about everyone and everything.

Our coverage of E3 2010 is our second trip, and also is the first appearance of RAW. What the hell is RAW? Well, basically, there’s going to be a hell of a lot of everything going on at E3. You know this, we know this. So our emphasis is not to gloss it all up with funny little pictures and witty banter, like we normally do.

RAW is just that – the Raw feed. What the editors normally take from our journalists to mould will, for the week of E3, be posted directly onto the site. Our guys will tweak it a little bit to make sure its legible, but other then that – it’s going to be an information overload.

Which is a good thing right? (The answer is yes.)

So the second we hear it, you’ll hear it. If we see it, you’ll see it. Expect instant Twitter updates on show room impressions, as well as full length previews, with exclusive pictures and video.

So in the next coming month, look forward to commentary on the whole expo – from the conferences, to the games, to the weird and strange events that seem to occur every year. There will be podcasts, vBlogs, interviews from the floor, and heaps more.


  1. E3 has really picked up since the media summit back in 2008. Best of luck, guys!

    • avatar Roody

      It just ocucred to me. When she makes the almond milk, you know how there was that almond and date pulp left inside? You could use that as granola! You could grind the seeds and walnuts just before the desired consistency, then add in the almond and date pulp along with the cinnamon, do a little more grinding together and voila! Minimal waste!!!!

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