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Okay, I’m going to make this review relatively brief.  Why, you ask?  Well firstly, be thankful for small mercies.  Secondly, because I have to get back to the game… the green pigs are mocking me!

No, reader, I have not finally lost my marbles. You see, Angry Birds reaches Pop Cap levels of digital addiction with its physics-based madness. What Angry Birds boils down to is a portable version of the Wii title Boom Blox.  As anyone who has played Boom Blox will know, it was a great little game that flopped spectacularly.

Well, Helsinki-based Rivio Mobile have taken that premise and made it work beautifully on the iPhone/iTouch system.  The idea of the game is super simple: use various types of (angry) birds to destroy nasty green pigs hiding around the level.

All you do is simply slide your finger back in order to setup the catapult with the little birdie in, then release it and watch it fly majestically into a wall or glass structure.  The idea being that you use these varying bird types to take out the nasty green pigs that have come and attacked your friends and family.

The range of projectiles is fairly impressive with the game offering birds that are fast, heavy, split into multiples, drop eggs as bombs, explode, and loads more.  As you progress through the sixty or more levels, the puzzles get more and more difficult to complete let alone achieve the coveted gold star ratings.

Graphically, the game looks great.  It’s not a competitor for graphical advancement of the year or anything, but the levels and characters are bright, colourful, and clear.  This is exactly what you want from a portable game, and makes viewing the whole thing on the small iPhone screen much easier on the eyes.

Oh, and the theme music: that damn music gets in your brain.  “Da, Da, dat dah.  Dadda Dat dah” ahhhhh!  Again, exactly what you would want from a puzzle title – I still hum the Lemmings music to this day!  The spot effects, voices, and explosions all add greatly to the overall package and outshine the normal beeps and bleeps associated with iPhone/Mobile titles of this sort.

The game may lack any sort of online play, be just a shallow physics game, and be airhead-simple, but it’s incredibly addictive.  It embodies that “one more go!” philosophy.  You know you should be able to complete this level, after all it’s just knocking down some wood or glass structures right?  Too late – you’re sucked in.  And the real best part?  This can all be yours for only £0.59/$0.99.

I cannot think of a single thing you could buy for that money that would give you as much entertainment and sheer fun as this title.  It’s perfectly built for quick snatches of play here and there, and the developer has already added more levels, golden eggs, and other touches to the game since the initial release.  If you like puzzle games, or just want a cheap diversion, this title is superb.

Gamer Limit gives Angry Birds a 9/10

  1. Interesting. I might have to check this out. Haven’t played an iPhone game in forever!

  2. Please tell me I’m not the only person who saw that header and immediately thought of the Arizonia Cardinals. And I don’t even LIKE football!

  3. avatar Saad Ahmad

    Best Game Ever

  4. Finally got around to picking this up for my new iPhone 4 :) Soooo addicting!

  5. avatar MessyONE

    Ok. I’ve got the game, and so far it really DOES drive one mad. That said, it’s also addictive and brilliant for killing time in airports.

    However…. I want to see a video on level 6-10 ONLY. I’m not interested in slogging through all of the previous levels. It’s that blasted…..stupid… &*^%$ rock thingie….

  6. avatar Eleacriz

    Thanks for the intgihs. It brings light into the dark!

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